Amtico turns 50

About Us


About us

Amtico international is a progressive, design-led flooring company. As market leaders in the manufacture and design of luxury vinyl tile flooring, we strive to be the best in our industry. We are proud of our achievements over the last 50 years, and have developed an agile approach to remain an authentic design-flooring brand. Professionally respected, industry accredited and advocated by designers, contractors and architects alike, Amtico flooring is the result of hard work by our global service, manufacturing and design teams today and tomorrow.

Amtico has always set out to differentiate through design, and equally important to us is our drive to meet our customers expectations. We do this by offering expert advice, helping make floor spaces different, individual and efficiently finished.


We work together as experts in our field to research, create and produce products within flooring that challenge perceptions and offer beautiful aesthetics. We innovate in new product categories with a balance of design quality and technical performance.


Working as a global design flooring manufacturer in the UK, we employ the highest quality people and use stringent quality measurements to deliver exemplary engineered products.


Just as our products are robust, so is our commitment to our customers and their needs. We care as much about how our floors perform in busy commercial environments, large or small, as the resources we use in their creation.

Amtico has since 2012 been part of the family-run Mannington Group, established in 1915 in New Jersey, USA by the Campbell family. Leaders in the production of flooring for global markets, Amtico and Mannington share common values of commitment to quality, customer service and innovative product design.

The Amtico Story

The Amtico Story
Amtico turns 50

Established in 1964 as part of the historic Courtaulds group, Amtico built a reputation as an exciting manufacturer of modern luxury vinyl flooring supplying colourful, contemporary pattern and design tiles to both commercial and residential markets. By means of a management buyout in 1995, the Company was recognisable for it’s high-quality, long-lasting design flooring. An attitude and approach to continual improvement, together with investment in production methods and design research have made Amtico the authentic design flooring manufacturer it is today.

Amtico celebrates 50 years of history in 2014 – from the popular ‘brick’ patterns of the swinging-sixties, to the stylish and colourful textures and shapes of the eighties and nineties, to the new millennium’s unique non-repeating prints and trapped mineral effect products; this design brand has experienced an unrivalled evolutionary journey through the decades.

Meet the team

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Montage of design team.

Amtico Design Team

Our in-house Design Team pride themselves on capturing the latest trends and translating them into stylish and inspirational flooring collections.

Lorna Williams, Head of Product and Creative Marketing.

Lorna Williams

Head of Product Design and Creative Marketing.

Karen Quarterman, Product Design Manager.

Karen Quarterman

Product Design Manager.

Sandy Sandu, Process Support.

Sandy Sandhu

Process Support.

Amtico logo.

Amtico Advocates

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Amtico advocate Ceri.

Ceri Bowden

Amtico is special because it’s been around for such a long time, it’s very well-known and personally, I know that it’s going to last.

Amtico advocate Susanne.

Susanne Wagner

Amtico advocate Paul.

Paul Williams

Amtico advocate Tim.

Tim Bramley

Amtico advocate Rudi.

Rudi Kassel

Environment and Accreditations

Environment & Accreditations

Environment and Accreditations

Learn about our commitment to the environment and sustainability along with our list of recognised accreditations.

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