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What's Coming Next: Flooring Trends for 2023

Our homes have become a sanctuary over the past few years. As we move into 2023, the desire for authenticity, simplicity, and a refined sensitive use of colour within our interiors will be key. These themes will see contemporary designs, merging pared back aesthetics with comfort and cosiness.

Barrel Oak Rye, FK7W3303 - in a Herringbone Plank laying pattern.

Barrel Oak Rye, FK7W3303 - in a Herringbone Plank laying pattern.

Lorna Williams, Head of Product Design and Visual Creation at Amtico, looks ahead to the latest flooring trends to introduce into your home.


One of the main trends for 2023 is authenticity. People are looking for elements of craftsmanship, heritage and a correlation to natural materials in the products they choose. Textures play a big role in this trend, helping to give flooring longevity.

Eventide Oak, FS7W8540 - from the Amtico Form collection.

Eventide Oak, FS7W8540 - from the Amtico Form collection.

Eventide Oak, FS7W8540 - in a Small Parquet laying pattern.

Eventide Oak, FS7W8540 - in a Small Parquet laying pattern.

At Amtico, our flooring takes inspiration from everyday materials to ensure we are creating hyper realistic designs. Our woods see the development of more realistic grains with an authentic timber feel. Showing how the grains work together, it creates a homely, cosy palette within a space that can be further enhanced through innovative laying patterns.

Villa Concrete in Uniform Tile laying pattern

Villa Concrete, SS5S2612 - in a Uniform Tile laying pattern.

As we move into the new year, the use of stone and concrete effect materials will see a shift to a more contemporary aesthetic with natural, softer tones. From chalky, paler marbles that mirror natural pigmentation, to concrete effect that’s beautiful simplicity providing gentle movement across the floor to achieve a minimalistic, yet industrial scheme.

Serene Spaces

People’s heighted desire for a connection to nature and for spaces that evoke feelings of sanctuary and calm will continue to drive how we decorate our homes. Natural colours, softer, more organic shapes and heavier textures are key design focusses as we move into 2023.

The new oaks in our Spacia collection, (Powdered, Muted, Mulled), Heritage Oaks, Tumbled Stones & Tones lend themselves perfectly to this trend.

Amtico Form; an elegant capsule collection, embraces the natural texture and pigmentation of its natural wood-effect counterpart to sit effortlessly within modern and traditional spaces alike.

Mood board featuring Amtico's Muted Oak

A mood board of mixed materials with warm, mid-tone colours - featuring Amtico's Muted Oak.

Form Moodboard

A mood board of mixed materials with cooler undertones - featuring Amtico's Crema in Hex.

Retro Revival

The use of colour in flooring has broadened over the past couple of years as we retreat to nostalgic designs that evoke comfort and assurance. With the evolution of maximalist interiors seeing the transition of abstract designs in a sophisticated colour palette of tones and textures. Evoking a sense of drama with calmness to provide a modern take on retro design, somewhat moving into an Art Deco renaissance.

We have developed collections, such as our Décor and Décor x National Trust collection, that not only lend themselves to this trend but can be combined with a natural, softer palette to inject personality into a space in a balanced way.

DC474 Octagon Key Grace

Soft, tonal greys in Octagon Key Grace create a perfect backdrop for cosy spaces

Laying Patterns

Flooring patterns can completely change the look of a room. Timeless patterns such as, herringbone and parquet remain a key pattern in our collections, and will no doubt be for 2023 as they continue to answer the evolving trends.

With the transition to softer, more organic lines within design, comes a trend for curved shapes, new colour variations and material combinations that ensure these curves are useable in several different, and perhaps even surprising, spaces. This together with increases in scale enhancing simplicity, will see the use of pattern moving on significantly in 2023.

Want to explore the latest collections and how you can introduce these trends into your home? Order a free brochure or samples and make use of our Room Visualiser to help you pick the right floor for your home. No matter the trend, you can be sure to find a product to help you create a unique and personal space.

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