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Product Performance

Colour Dye

Amtico Carpet is constructed with high performance Type 6,6 nylon that can be space or solution dyed. We choose space dyed yarns where multiple colour is applied to one yarn.

These are joined by solution dyed yarns that are incredibly fade resistant, as their colour is extruded during production.

Space dyed

Solution dyed

Stain and Fade Resistance

All of our carpet tiles feature XGuard stain resistant technology, ensuring they stay looking better for longer, to offer ease of maintenance and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

ColorSafe is also applied as a proprietary bleach resistant technology which resists colour fade from bleach spills and splashes.

Antron® Nylon Fibre

We start with a tighter molecular structure that helps our fibre keep its shape and resist matting and crushing. Then we add an innovative hollow filament shape and soil resistance treatment to better hide

and release soil, making your carpet easier to clean. And the grand finale: a gauntlet of rigorous tests to ensure any carpet bearing the Antron® brand name lives up to our exacting performance standards.

See how Antron® performs under stress

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