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Amtico & RIBA Journal Design Competition: Runners-up

posted: September 2016

Architectural teams from six practices competed in this exciting competition to develop highly creative flooring designs using Amtico’s 2016 Signature Collection. The winner, will see their design go into production as part of Amtico’s Designers’ Choice 2017 Collection.




Cousins & Cousins

Top Mosaic: Woven design featuring Seoul and Glint Orb
Above Inlay: An art deco-flavoured stepped design featuring Seoul, Glint Orb and Metal Gold Leaf.
Left Patchwork: A pleat pattern with Paris, Shimmer Denim, Glint Orb, Graphite Slate and Shimmer Metal.

Ceramic tiles - in particular the encaustic variety - were the inspiration for Cousins & Cousins entry. The team decided to create patterns based on ceramics to complement the many timber, concrete, stone and abstract designs in Amtico's collection.

We wanted to create a colourfully patterned ceramic floor. So we thought, why not go crazy with colours and pattern?

Project leader Cristina Martin

Cousins & Cousins' Rachel Welsby and Cristina Martin.



DLA Design

Top Churchyard: Small parquet with Limed Grey Wood, Parisian Pine and Wharf Oak.
Above Workshop: Arrow pattern with White Wash Wood, Chroma Blue and Quill Kohl.
Right Barbershop: Pleat pattern featuring Glint Orb, Rio, Infinity Pulse, Metal Pewter and Metal Foil.

DLA Design's Isaac Barraclough, Jake Grousset and Alex Giles.

Jars of hair clippings, screws and leaves helped explain the narrative behind DLA Design’s Clerkenwell Collection. A group of patterns inspired by the practice’s location in the central London district, each of its three final patterns seeks to evoke the spirit of a different building type in Clerkenwell.

The number of laying patterns and brilliant amount of products – I’ve been very impressed.

Alex Giles [on working with Amtico]


Moxon Architects

Top Aggregate: Kite laying pattern with Cirrus Twilight, Quill Gesso and Metal Gold Leaf.
Above Vein: Pleat pattern with Galleon Oak, Cirrus Twilight, Parisian Pine, Shibori Lapsang and Metal Gold Leaf
Left Shale: Arrow pattern with White Wash Wood, Lime Washed WoodLimed Grey Wood and Parisian Pine.

Moxon Architects took as its starting point the natural feel of wood grain patterns in the Amtico collection and their potential for both subtle colour gradation and contrast. ‘We wanted something a bit jazzy and funky,’ says Moxon architectural assistant Sarah Emilie Vallee. Derived from characteristic visual qualities of extreme landscapes – canyon, desert, cliff, glacier, dune and crevasse – the collection conveys a sense of pressure and formal development over time.

Ezra Groskin and Sarah Emilie Vallee from Moxon Architects.


TP Bennett

Top Air: A Pleat pattern with White Wash Wood, Umbra Veil and Infinity Spark.
Above Water: Varied Block laying pattern with Chroma Blue, Galleon Oak and Cirrus Twilight.
Right Sun: Polygon Key laying pattern featuring Chalked Pine, Neutral Pine and Mica Mix Eggshell.

Emily Hume and Ben Boxshall from TP Bennett

TP Bennett’s Nature Trail collection was inspired by biophilia (love for nature) and the rising importance of well-being in the design of the workplace. The elements that plants need to thrive – water, sun and air – provided the themes for their designs which were deliberately neutral patterns for a more timeless flooring design.

We thought of the biophilia movement and how we live in cities but crave nature…The idea was for Nature Trail to be a canvas for flooring and plants to come together in harmony. 

Emily Hume, Associate director


Willmore Iles

Top North Street: Varied Block laying pattern with Umbra Dusk, Umbra Veil and Napoli
Above Ashton Court: Pleat laying pattern with Rio, Helsinki and White Wash Wood
Left Queen's Square: Basket Weave laying pattern with Umbra Eclipse and Sevilla.

Willmore Iles’ home city of Bristol was the key inspiration for the practice’s interpretation of Amtico’s collection. ‘Our big aim was to have a fun project as opposed to something over-serious and commercial,’ says Willmore Iles architect Simon Baker. The designs reflect the contrasts within the urban grain and in particular the bright colours associated with the vibrant and creative character of the city.

Robert Thorley, Simon Baker and David Crozier of Willmore Iles.

About the competition

More information about the other teams in the competition and their designs can be found on our Amtico RIBA Journal Competition page, along with a video featuring all of the entrants discussing the competition and inspiration for their designs. The 24 page RIBA Journal supplement is out now and available to view on line.

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