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posted: February 2016

Similar to it’s literal origins, the Alchemy design from Amtico Signature was born with an aim to create something rich and entirely new from an existing flooring design process.

A trio of abstract designs delivers glowing pearlescent texture in pale pearl, neutral grey and deep smoky tones; Alchemy is something different in vinyl tile flooring. Usable together, or individually, in three colour tones;

Alchemy Haze – the palest colour, with soft, shimmering pearl tones.

Alchemy Atmosphere – a mid-toned pebble stone colour, ideal for a flowing yet textured look.

Alchemy Storm – a deep, luxurious inky grey, with hints of metallic highlight. 

Inventive results come from experimentation and research. 

Each colourway is made differently.  Evoking the feeling of natural minerals, created by Amtico’s in-house design team.  Carefully designed layers were prototyped and refined, through meticulous coloration work and collaboration between design experts.


Exploration into the unexpected beauty found in unprocessed organic materials has inspired the concept behind Alchemy: how natural formations create patterns, elements exude iridescent hue and fabric folds build tone and shadow.
– Kelly Alders, Senior Designer.



Workable in multiple commercial layouts for an exciting contemporary look, or equally beautiful in modern residential settings, Alchemy creates a seamless texture when used without stripping, or with feature stripping to for a decorative look.