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Acoustic performance with no compromise on style

posted: February 2017

The acoustic performance of a commercial space is often as important as its design, square footage and location, and this focus on acoustics is only set to increase with wellbeing and comfort becoming more of a key topic in commercial design.

Whether designing for the education, hospitality, office or residential sector, giving consideration to acoustic performance at an early stage will help to create a commercial space that is fit for purpose and promotes wellbeing. Acoustic products and systems come in many guises: some, such as ceiling fins and sound-absorbent wall panels, can enhance acoustics and interior design at the same time; while others, such as acoustic backings for flooring, are often an unseen necessity.

Introducing Amtico Acoustic

Amtico’s new flooring solution – Amtico Acoustic – has a high-performance sound reducing backing that reduces sound transmission by up to 18 dB, without compromising on the aesthetic aspects of commercial interior design.

This new acoustic enhancement is available across the entire range of Amtico Signature and Amtico Spacia luxury vinyl tile (LVT), enabling architects, specifiers and designers to upgrade the existing acoustic properties of Amtico LVT while still delivering innovative design creativity. The specially developed closed-cell foam delivers sound reduction using a sound-absorbing material trusted by the automotive industry to reduce noise in cars, a key element of providing enhanced comfort for occupants.

Sound Reduction

Sound Reduction

Addressing Acoustic challenges

As with all aspects of commercial building and interior design, acoustic requirements are specific to each sector. For example, modern office design trends for a plethora of hard surfaces and screens create acoustic challenges that need to be overcome.

Acoustic performance requirements by the interior fit-out category are also driven by building regulations and standards. With the flooring category, the main concern is transmission of noise through the floor into the rooms below – referred to as impact sound. This is generated when something comes into contact with the floor’s surface, which could be someone walking across the floor or moving furniture.

Specifying effective acoustic flooring solutions for multi-occupant dwellings, such as student accommodation, or for office buildings, universities and hotels, is essential to reducing overall noise in buildings and ensuring a new space not only meets the relevant building regulations but also promotes wellbeing and comfort for future occupants. A small upgrade in the flooring specified at design stage can make a significant difference to the overall acoustic performance, and desirability, of a commercial space.

Design scope with acoustic benefits

The enhanced acoustic performance achieved with Amtico Acoustic flooring won’t be at the cost of design creativity because it introduces another layer of performance and versatility to the established design quality and durability you expect from Amtico.

Now, the many benefits of specifying Signature and Spacia have been boosted with key acoustic attributes, because in addition to the existing high-quality layers that make up the planks and tiles, Amtico Acoustic has a 1mm visco elastic polymer-based closed-cell foam backing layer that provides impact sound reduction of up to 18 dB and residual indentation of <0.20mm. The closed-cell construction of the acoustic backing layer can also help to increase comfort and reduce fatigue in high-traffic areas.

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Low Fatigue

Low Fatigue