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Branding in LVT floor design

posted: May 2017

Incorporating visual branding elements into commercial design is an effective way to strengthen a brand’s proposition. And one way to do this creatively is with brand logos in LVT flooring.

Companies are increasingly looking for creative ways to reinforce their brand messaging and values within commercial interiors. Taking retail environments as an example, a strong brand message can help to communicate a point of difference between the company and its competitors and, through positive brand associations, provide a more enjoyable shopping experience, one that’s worth venturing onto the high street for.

A logo may be just one of many elements of a brand’s identity, but it is a very strong and instantly recognisable one that carries with it many positive connotations and expectations. As well as using a brand’s logo in the expected places within a retail space – such as in shop signage, within point of sale and at customer touchpoints – logos can be a standout element with LVT flooring design.

Incorporating brand logos in LVT

Amtico’s bespoke service brings together our in-house creative team, CAD expertise, advanced cutting capabilities and an unrivalled range of products to provide commercial customers with bespoke flooring design that strengthen a brand’s identity.

Main product: Antique Oak, Amtico Signature


For German ice cream parlour chain Giovanni L., Amtico designed and manufactured three specially made Giovanni L. logos out of our premium Signature LVT to give the counter area a special and luxurious feel. The brand logos were created in CAD, expertly cut and provided ready to install alongside precision-cut planks to neatly fit around the logo’s edge. 


Why branding matters in commercial interior design

Branding is powerful. Reflecting a brand’s style and personality in commercial interiors can help to make the space more welcoming and engaging, and, in the case of workplaces, more productive. Introducing distinctive and recognisable brand logo elements or colours from the brand’s palette as accents into flooring design not only reinforces a brand’s identity but also helps to strengthen and boost the effectiveness of other branded interior design elements. 

Light Oak, Amtico Signature

Equally effective is this large-format ‘Welcome to The Entertainer’ sticker that enhances the retailer’s store entrance and gives customers a strong feeling of the positive experience they can expect inside.

Main product: American Oak, Amtico Signature

Glint Void and Glint Orb, Amtico Signature

Amtico’s design and CAD expertise can turn your unique visions for brand incorporation into reality. Let our team know what you’d like to achieve and they’ll work with you to perfect your design ready for manufacture. Contact our trusted experts on 0121 745 0800 or email 

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