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Brutal beauty: modern, urban and functional concrete flooring

posted: October 2017

Monument Concrete with Stria Volcanic stripping, in Fieldstone laying pattern

New designs for Amtico Spacia: Concretes for modern working and living spaces

Concrete, the most practical material of modern times?

As designers and engineers this is reason enough to obsess over how to capture the essence of this structural material.

The scale and proportion of a poured concrete floor is on many a designer’s wish-lists for a warehouse conversion or modern office, but the reality of executing such a finish is often incredibly tricky.


We’ve created a concrete that’s got the close texture of a polished finish for an industrial look, without the complexity of a poured floor.

Kelly Alders, Senior Designer – Amtico design team

Practical solutions for architects and designers

We spoke to our customers, the Architects and Designers who work day-in day-out with materials and building specifications, and realised they didn’t have what they needed from us. Unafraid to admit where things aren’t right, this is why Spacia now features new Concrete designs among the 29 new products added to the collection this year.

Before going over the details, it’s worth considering the origins of concrete. Utilized by the Romans, it’s relevance is in its continued use today. Part of our urban landscape, it acts as a backdrop to modern work and leisure spaces. Harnessing these qualities was the challenge.

Ancient origin, modern execution

Inspired by the sensorial design of multi-functional interiors softened by furnishings and accentuated with block colour, we’ve created a contemporary concrete design for large spaces.

Note the size.

We’ve added an extra large 24x36” tile in Spacia especially for this product, making it possible to install LVT over wide commercial spaces in a concrete aesthetic. 


Gallery Concrete in the new 24x36” tile, with Concrete Pale stripping, laid Uniform Tile

Clockwise from top left: Monument, Plaza, Century and Gallery Concrete.

Four colourways in four sizes

The result? A floor design that’s almost seamless, large-scale and in proportion for broad footprint buildings. Because it’s LVT, it is lightweight on the subfloor, without the extended pouring and setting installation time of concrete, or the tricky cuting of large ceramic tiles. There is no risk of a floor marking, drips or cracks.

In Summary: Spacia is simple, straightforward and elegant.

The four colourways are designed to suit varied spaces, available in four plank and tile shapes:

MonumentWarm multi-toned grey, fine texture, ideal in retail spaces

PlazaEven-toned paler grey for softer look in health, hospitality or retail

CenturyDarker grey in smooth, modern texture for residences and commercial spaces

GalleryA darker, mid-grey that’s good for large areas such as hospitality

Download the technical specifications and order samples of new Spacia Concretes online.

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