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Designers' Choice: Dedicated to pattern innovation

posted: January 2017

We're incredibly excited to bring you Designers' Choice. It's a real celebration of the beautiful products in the Signature collection.
We've experimented with product, colour, placement and scale to bring exquisite balance to every design.

In our Designers' Choice video, Amtico Senior Designer Sarah Escott shows the collective curiosity, knowledge and expertise which helps us to craft these original and innovative patterns.


We wanted to create a collection that excites your imagination, introduces innovative ways to use Signature products and helps you create beautiful floors.

Sarah Escott - Senior Designer    

Original. Beautiful. Designed.

Amtico laying patterns begin with design research. Shapes, angles, geometry and scale are developed by the in-house design team, working in partnership with expert manufacturing who harness the incredible precision of our in-house cutting techniques. Every laying pattern is a collaboration created through dedication to finding an effective pattern for every space. Each of our Designers' Choice laying patterns is predefined and cut ready for use, easily ordered using one simple code.

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