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Flooring for tough times: Amtico Spacia

posted: November 2017

Through our history as flooring pioneers, we've dedicated expertise to developing flooring that out - performs standards, going beyond peoples' expectations. 

Recently, our technical experts have been testing the performance of Amtico Spacia LVT flooring, and that's why we are able to say:

Spacia is Stronger

Withstanding impact is a critical measure of the strength of any surface material. Floors will get the most wear in any building through daily footfall and furniture movement, therefore impact resistance should be a high priority when choosing the right product for busy commercial spaces.


Through analysis we identified our Amtico Spacia is stronger than leading competitor 0.55mm LVT flooring. You can see this is in Spacia's flexibility - a key indicator of the high levels of PVC used in Amtico LVT. The product doesn't curl or move after installation; it remains solidly in place. 




The mix of raw materials - namely the quantities of PVC and filler components, also affects performance. Because we place performance quality front and centre of product development, our LVT doesn't shatter and crack like others. Plus, indentations are also quicker to disappear: Spacia simply is more robust.

We regularly test our products in house against other brands and manufactures to ensure they perform in-line or better than international quality standards, because we want to always deliver flooring with assured performance.  

Spacia lasts longer 

Spacia will last longer and retain it's appearance across its entire lifetime because of its construction. Part of this is the superior Quantum Guard urethane coating applied to each tile. Invisible to the eye, this powerful addition makes our UK-made LVT remarkably resistant to scuffs and marks compared to other flooring.

Through scientific analysis we identified our coating is thicker than competitor LVT. 

Plus, we add ceramic particles into Quantum Guard. This means Amtico Spacia has an ultra-high wear resistance, making it extremely resistant to micro-scratching. (These are the tiny marks appear over time through general use, dulling the surface)


Spacia looks better

The aesthetics of Spacia are clear, but what's less obvious at first look is the strength of it's performance. Each plank and tile is finished with a realistic bevel and made using our own Multiple Performance System to ensure the floor remains stable and withstands the activity that's expected in a busy commercial setting. Quantum Guard actually aids cleaning by resisting staining and dirt retention. The floor doesn't require buffing and polishing and is easier to clean and maintain over it's lifetime: less cleaning product is needed and maintenance schedules reduced.

Consider how useful this is in a healthcare or education space, where the performance of every finish and fitting is critical, but equally the cost of installation, cleaning and maintenance needs to be as efficient as possible?

Look over some of the latest commercial spaces architects and designers have created using Amtico Spacia.