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Nature-inspired flooring design

posted: October 2017

Space is a premium. Whether in a home, shop or office today’s live and work spaces need to make the most of each square metre they contain.

An office might benefit from being seen as a homely space, with comforting furniture and breakout areas for a wellbeing boost.  A residential space will often need to be a multi-functional family home and workspace

From lighting to floor coverings, interiors need to be able to flex. They should be equipped to deal with activity and technology. That’s why a floor needs to be robust enough to cope with heating systems, and the movement of people around eating and working areas.


Workspace patterns: all Amtico Spacia floors are equipped with a Quantum Guard protective treatment and 0.5mm wear layer for tough working environments. Here two of the new Rustic Grains – Blackened Spa Wood and Drift Pine decorate spaces in Wishbone Plank laying pattern.

Rustic Grains are about texture and treatments that closely mimic natural woods, but also offer something else – we’ve pushed colour further, creating products that suit many different environments.

Kelly Alders, Senior Designer

Natural inspirations and Rustic Grains

The grains in real wood can be vivid, gnarly or softly smooth. Colour grades, knots and defects are qualities that distinguish one tree’s planks from another.

At the Amtico design studio we’ve focussed on aesthetics that engage the senses as part of our product development work, because as designers, we want our products to be both useful and beautiful.

Addressing the demand for spaces that engage the mind, Amtico designers looked in-depth at natural woods, tying these studies in with our understanding of interior architecture and spatial design. 

Rustic Grains

I love how you can create different moods with a design like Scorched Timber, which I’d call a bold lively design, in comparison to Drift Pine, which is much gentler in tone.

Kelly Alders, Senior Designer  

Scorched Timber 

These are our Woods

Scorched Timber wins in the colour stakes. In a large Herringbone Plank layout, it’s got a lively modern geometry.

A simple Stripwood laying pattern in Drift Pine fits a bedroom suite.

Elegant and original, these individual designs harness the variety of natural woods.

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