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Transforming spaces with Loose Lay flooring

posted: February 2018

Working with Amtico Access

We are often asked to show how our flooring “works”.  For Amtico, this is not only how it’s designed and made but perhaps more importantly, how our floor improves a space.  

Of course, colour and texture adds structure to interior architecture – walls, floor and ceiling should always be cohesive, and lit well.  But this is more than that. It’s about how the installation, maintenance and performance of the floor suits its setting.

Less haste, more speed.

An office space in Amtico Access, Honey Oak

Easy installation

Loose-lay flooring is worth considering when time is short on a project.  If you want installation that is fast and doesn’t interfere with trading hours, it works well.  These floors can also provide access to electrical infrastructure needed in a commercial space because they can be laid without permanent adhesive.

Our collection – Amtico Access does this. We recommend using a tackifier with our Loose Lay LVT to keep it in place, but also make it incredibly easy to lift and replace tiles if needed, or just to gain access to electrical panelling.

Loose Lay flooring can be cut to define spaces like this walkway and seating area, even with a quick installation schedule. Products used are: Amtico Access Frosted Oak and Winter Oak.

Planning for an integrated space?

When you have a space that should adapt to activity areas, Amtico Access will also fit seamlessly alongside Amtico Carpet tiles.  Integrating a fibre-based product with a resilient hard floor is straightforward because their depths are similar here’s no need for threshold stripping. 

Amtico Carpet meets Amtico Access


To find out more about Amtico Access working with Amtico Carpet, contact your Amtico representative.