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Why choose LVT for commercial spaces?

posted: July 2018

We are passionate about LVT at Amtico, and have been making and designing it since 1964 in Coventry, UK.

Sharing some our thoughts on this strong, innovative material we're intrinsically connected to, we want to provide answers to the fundamental questions people ask us. 

What is LVT?

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT flooring is heterogeneous flooring, cut into tiles and planks for either glue-down or loose-lay installations across a wide range of environments ranging from heavy commercial to residential spaces.

Amtico Spacia in Wishbone Plank is one way to use LVT flooring to create a vibrant, commercial patterned floor.

Amtico Spacia in Wishbone Plank is one way to use LVT flooring to create a vibrant, commercial patterned floor.

What's it made from?

Made from PVC, filling and stabilising materials, LVT is created through compressing several material layers together with heat, to create a hard-wearing, high-quality flooring material.


PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is an inert polymer made with natural resources - salt and oil. It's  raw or virgin form is a pure, non-toxic plastic that can be moulded, heated and extruded into durable products including LVT flooring, and recycled fully into new products throughout its lifetime.


Is it safe?

Formerly PVC contained heavy metals, which were dangerous for people and the environment, however now all Amtico PVC based flooring is metal-free, phthalate-free and  safe to use, even in healthcare.

Amtico LVT is free from heavy metals and phthalates.

Practical, hygienic and highly durable, LVT is a floor product that's ideal for commercial spaces.


  • Hard-wearing

LVT is resistant to marks and scuffs - particularly when made with a UV cured coating. Underneath this will be a PVC wear layer, in varying thickness depending on the quality and usage of LVT - these are the key qualities against years of use.


Because of it's makeup LVT has a long lifetime of use - Amtico has developed it's flooring to withstand varied levels designed to fit a typical commercial project requirements.


  • Comfortable

LVT is naturally warm under foot; softer acoustic than a ceramic or hard stone surface, it's suitable for spaces with underfloor heating too. Every LVT should be tested for it's indentation performance and comfort factor - look out for these on a product's technical specification.


  • Hygienic

Inherently water resistant, this flooring will clean very easily. Maintaining it's quality is straightforward for building users and facilities teams. Without the need for harsh chemicals, a sweep and light mop is the normal routine, with a yearly deep clean recommended. 


When sensitive environments like healthcare demand it, look for enhanced slip resistance and antimicrobial options.


  • Authentic

The best LVT will be highly authentic, detailed or innovative. Emulating natural wood grains and tones, the real mineral qualities of stones - this is due to the quality of it's printed aesthetic layer.  It's not a real wood, however LVT is a brilliant alternative with different qualities of performance that are often needed in commercial interiors. It can also be a source of surface innovation: manipulated textures, clever colour balances and patterns are all possible.


How to use it?

The features of LVT mean it can be used in many ways, to suit many design solutions.

Amtico LVT has:

  • Tiles and planks in a large variety of sizes and cut shapes
  • Laying patterns precision-cut and designed in-house in our UK factory
  • Thickness depths between 2 to 5mm depending on collection and installation type
  • Wear layers that range from 1mm to 0.3mm, for a variety of commercial uses

Where to use it?

The benefits of LVT's performance qualities mean it can be used across many different environments:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transport

Ask us about how LVT can suit your commercial projects - call +44 (0) 121 745 0800 or speak to your Amtico representative.

Amtico LVT works with Entryway carpet - also by Amtico, designed to protect a heavily used floor in public spaces like this library

Amtico LVT works with Entryway carpet - also by Amtico, designed to protect a heavily used floor in public spaces like this library

Why use it instead of other flooring products?

LVT has many properties that make it a strong alternative for natural and other flooring specifications:

vs. Woods

  1. High resistance to footfall and indentation marks
  2. Cleaning is easier, spills won't be absorbed into the floor
  3. Warm and quieter underfoot
  4. Moisture and temperature variation will not cause the shrinking and expansion issues often associated with wood flooring

vs. Ceramics

  1. Design flexibility is wider and more innovative
  2. Faster installation due to weight difference
  3. Far lower risk of cracking due to shock impacts

v.s other LVT

  1. Amtico contains more pure PVC and less fillers than other LVT
  2. Higher performance qualities
  3. Larger design variety and pattern options

Unrivalled Performance and Durability

The crowning feature of our Multiple Performance System is our Quantum Guard urethane layer. Amtico’s Quantum Guard is the most durable urethane on the market. The low-gloss finish also enhances the realism of our natural-looking products.

A. Quantum Guard Elite

Amtico’s patented urethane formula provides superior durability and resistance against abrasions and stains. The reinforced low gloss finish is highly realistic.

B. Superior 1mm wear layer

Toughened upper layer, giving excellent impact resistance and high clarity, allowing the product designs to shine through.

C. Design layers

Carefully crafted print layers create the rich detailed designs unique to the Signature collection.

D. Backing layers

The foundation of the product, providing long lasting stability. Contains up to 30% recycled pre-consumer content.

E. Acoustic backing layer (optional)

Reduces the impact sound insulation by up to 18dB and provides an extra level of comfort underfoot.


Amtico Signature's MPS system

Amtico Signature's MPS system