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Designing to the principles of healing architecture

Healthcare design isn’t just about the look and feel of a scheme, it’s also about the effect it has on its users. While interiors used to be mostly of a purely functional or even institutional nature, the trend today is in homely rooms that radiate a feel-good atmosphere. This contributes significantly to the well-being of patients, residents, visitors and staff.

Amtico Signature Golden Oak AR0W7510

Amtico Signature Golden Oak | Photographer: Gandalf Hammerbacher

In addition to the room concept, the choice of suitable floor covering plays an important role in creating a suitable environment. It must be able to meet a variety of demands, from withstanding harsh cleaning to repeated traffic from hospital beds for example. A high number of visitors requires high durability; the use of disinfectants and different cleaning agents needs a hardwearing floor. Amtico resilient floorcoverings excel in this area. They also meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene, as the products are particularly easy to clean and resistant to dirt.

Amtico Signature Linear Graphite

Amtico Signature Linear Graphite | Photographer: Gandalf Hammerbacher

Amtico Signature Golden Oak AR0W7510

Amtico Signature Golden Oak | Photographer: Gandalf Hammerbacher

A factory-provided PUR coating and independently confirmed surface disinfectant suit the sanitary requirements of the healthcare industry, as do the M1 and Indoor Air Comfort Gold accreditations Amtico LVT holds. Our Signature 36+ and Spacia 36+ LVT designs are clinically proven to reduce E.coli and MRSA by 99.99% after 24 hours.

Amtico LVT also score points in terms of design and aesthetics. Our in-house design team is always working to develop original and innovative flooring, with sector specific needs in mind. Amtico's range of products helps to create inviting spaces that combine high design features with easy maintenance.

Amtico Signature Umbra Eclipse | Photographer: Gandalf Hammerbacher

In the various industries we work with, we underpin and define our service by paying close attention to the details that matter most to you. You will have your own consultant with extensive experience in your industry so that we speak your language at every stage of our collaboration.

What’s important to you is important to us.

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