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What's important in a modern workspace?

If a productive, happy workplace is a key driver of success, how do you make sure the workspace supports the people who occupy it?

Flexible, collaborative and focused

The ideal workspace should encourage flexible working, collaboration and communication for those who need it, as well as provide 'habitats' for quiet individual tasks - boosting productivity for people to avoid chatterbox co-workers. And in all cases, providing flexibility for ever-changing business needs and expansion.

Achieving balance

Lighting, furniture planning and division of space play a critical role in every workspace plan, as well as the use of flooring. One is no more important than the other. In the experience of our commercial architect and design clients, there are critical services and specifications, plus increasingly sustainably-designed buildings that form a modern workspace.

A starting point could be a space audit - many workspace solutions designers will collate and analyse the requirements of the staff, then developing fit-out plans that hopefully respond well to the needs of the people using the space.

Flooring solutions for workspaces

Amtico Carpet and LVT work together in integrated flooring spaces - we've created colour combinations in Access loose lay and Carpet ready for specification, with commercial warranties for long-term use.

It's inspiring to know that architects, designers and space planners will use surface products differently from space to space - some of the latest projects we've seen from our clients are here for some workspace inspiration...

Toggl offices, Tallinn

A uniform floor pattern connects the open-plan space, however, this new tech business in Estonia makes use of colour across a wide floor space to distinguish changes of activity with a mix of Amtico Signature in a Twin Herringbone Plank laying pattern. Find out more about this project.

Amtico Signature in Toggl Offices, Tallinn

Bold colours introduce zoning and add interest

Amtico Signature in Toggl Offices, Tallinn

Continuous twin herringbone plank pattern unifies the spaces

Library workspaces, University of Reading

Architects and designers Stride Treglown used Amtico Signature Equator Flow as the hard-surface flooring across major activity spaces in this large library for the University of Reading, designed to accommodate research and study areas for the campus's students.

Amtico Signature Equator Flow

Equator Flow in University of Reading's library.

Design meets performance

Acoustics will play an important role in many workspaces - the sound of furniture movement around desking areas can be minimized by using carpet tile in these areas, while an entrance that needs to make a first impression could be a completely bespoke design to bring to life the personality and values of the business.

DLA Design's scheme for their own offices used Amtico Carpet and Amtico Signature in a special Arrow laying pattern for this reason - we like their style! Find out more about this project.

Amtico Signature Arrow pattern

Custom design LVT creates impact and drama

Amtico Carpet around desks

Amtico Carpet is a practical solution for desk and work areas

More inspiration required?

Amtico Carpet and LVT work together in integrated flooring spaces - ask your Amtico representative to see the unique colour combinations in Loose Lay and Carpet suggested by our designers or talk to us about your workspace requirements.

Office flooring solutions

Download our Workspace brochure to see how Amtico can help make it possible for your next project.

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