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See colour differently with Modernist

New to Amtico Signature is Modernist, a beautiful concrete-effect tile that features soft angles and subtle shifts in colour. We chat with Amtico Designer Alice Bucklow, to give us an insight in the inspiration behind this unique product.

Colour Edit I Modernist

Tell us about Modernist:

“Modernist is a Stone texture that was inspired by the interaction of daylight with the raw concrete facades of Brutalist architecture.”

A unique idea! Tell us more about the inspiration:

Brutalist architecture is abundant in Coventry, a city which has been home to Amtico for more than 50 years. I started researching the architecture as its raw industrial surface texture and bold sculptural forms really appealed to me! I was interested in the transformation of the buildings throughout the day, as light passed over them and their surroundings. The effect on the architecture was so dramatic as the dominating structures channeled the light, creating diffused angles, veiled layers, and a sense of tactility. This laid the foundation for Modernist.”

Photo of Alice, Amtico Designer

Amtico Designer Alice Bucklow

Modernist moodboard

Modernist moodboard

What happened next?

“A lengthy process which involved artworking, digital design development, research on colour, production trials, technical tests and, lastly, the final product selection. It was essential I kept to the brief – to create a unique but useable product, with features that could be transformed by laying patterns – and to understand how the design would be used in real settings. At every step of the process, we spoke with Amtico customers. We showed them the ideas and received their immediate, honest feedback. “Why?” was the key question: “Why do you like it?”, “Why don’t you like it?” and “Why would you choose this for a particular space?”.

AR0AMN38 Modernist Spire, 18x36, Broken Bond, Main, November

Modernist Spire - Broken Bond


Talk us through the final design:

“Modernist is a concrete, yet despite its conceptual beginnings and interesting development story, Modernist is unique for its usability. It is available in five complementing concrete shades, which work in virtually any laying pattern or tile size. Its refined concrete texture is evenly balanced with a multitude of layers, having been translated directly from inhouse artwork; while the gradations of tone and diffused angles give it a unique aesthetic elevating it beyond more traditional concretes.”

Modernist is part of Colour Edit, a selection of 25 new Signature Stones which have been purposefully deigned to work well when used together or on their own.


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