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Specifying LVT over Wood

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring offers many benefits over natural, more traditional flooring materials. Our industry-leading LVT gives you beautiful aesthetics without compromising on quality or performance.

In the first of a series of articles on specifying LVT flooring, we compare it to traditional Wood options, and see why it should be your floor of choice for your next project.

Amtico Décor, Victorian Star Large Canterbury, paired with Amtico Signature, Brushed Oak.

Amtico Décor, Victorian Star Large Canterbury, paired with Amtico Signature, Brushed Oak.

Why Choose LVT?

There are many reasons to use LVT – namely its design potential, ease of specification, durability and practical performance characteristics. With over 50 years experience in every Amtico floor, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality and design available.


Design potential

It’s true that there are many tones, shades and grain variations in natural wood. Add to that the effects that can be achieved by using distressed timbers, sawn woods and painted or stained boards and you have a wide range of options.

However, these and more can all be achieved by using LVT – obsessive attention to detail by our design team makes sure features are replicated authentically or reduced when they become obviously repetitive. Colour options – from soft ink washes to more intense coloured timbers are all there too. As are textures – sawn, polished or aged – again, in a variety of true to life colours and bolder hues.


Amtico Form, Valley Oak laid in Stripwood

Amtico Form, Valley Oak laid in Stripwood.

Amtico Signature, Pacific Grain, laid in parquet pattern.

Amtico Signature, Pacific Grain, laid in parquet pattern.


Pattern possibilities

Whether it’s evoking the sense of grandeur associated with traditional hardwood Parquetry or creating contemporary schemes using big, bold finishes, contrast grains and play with proportions to fit your vision.

The thinness and structural flexibility of LVT planks allows them to be precision cut into even the smallest, most intricate of patterns without sacrificing fit or finish.

Designers' Choice, DC323, Palazzo

Designers' Choice, DC323, Palazzo.


Ease of installation, maintenance and cleaning

Compared to both Engineered and Solid Wood floors, LVT is cheaper to supply and install. Plus over its lifetime, it’s also a most cost-effective alternative as it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep, hoover or clean with solution.

It’s resistant to stains and spills, helping to prolong it’s life, however if you do find yourself needing to carry out any repairs, it’s far simpler to lift and replace a flexible LVT plank or tile than a cumbersome chunk of wood.


Performance characteristics

Not only is LVT highly water resistant, it’s also far more resistant to temperature variations, so avoids the issues with shrinking and cracking that wood floors can be prone to, even when using underfloor heating.

LVT can also be manufactured with slip resistant particles, antimicrobial finishes and acoustic backings to make it even more of a performance-led flooring option.


Reliable construction

Our LVT is manufactured to precise standards. We use the industry’s most technically advanced layering system; our world-leading Multiple Performance System gives underfoot comfort and high resistance to wear, resulting in unrivalled durability and a long-lasting appearance.

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