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Pattern Playbook: Aspekt

A versatile laying pattern with an elegant ceramic feel, Aspekt is ideal for elevating commercial spaces. Using a unique mix of shards and triangles, Aspekt creates illusions of scale through geometric shapes and clever colour combinations.

Amtico Signature, Designers Choice, DC379, Cosmos

DC379, Cosmos, Aspekt Large

Our in-house team of designers have showcased the versatility of this innovative pattern through their selection of Designers’ Choice combinations, carefully using colour and size to play with scale and dimension in a space.

Add drama with a bold colourway such as Cosmos (DC379) in Aspekt Large. The directional shards and triangles can also be used for wayfinding in large spaces.

Versatile Aspekt can also be used as a decorative feature in a bold three-colour variation. Or, laid using a single colour, the effect becomes much more subtle with tonal shifts and abstract shadows

Amtico Signature, Designers' Choice, DC373, Mercury

DC373. Mercury, Aspekt Small 

Amtico Signature, Designers' Choice, DC373, Mercury

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Aspect was the inspiration laying pattern for one of our hero floors in the 2019 Signature launch. A bespoke creation by our  UK design team the design used no less than five colourways from our pioneering new ceramic-wood hybrid, Trace. Click here to see the floor being laid out at the photo shoot. 


Why we like it:

“I like Aspekt because it’s quick to install and very impactful – making the process fast and convenient for the customer whilst transforming their space.”

Sven Müller

Technical Coordinator

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Explore our ready to use Aspekt combinations with Designers’ Choice, or tailor the laying pattern to complement your aesthetic with Endless Possibilities.