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Pattern Playbook: Décor

Inspired by Victorian ceramic tiles, the Amtico Décor collection echoes the intricate flooring designs of the 19th century, enduring patterns that remain a popular choice for classic and contemporary spaces today.

Amtico Signature Décor, Classic Bianco DC295

Amtico Signature Décor, Classic Bianco DC295

Handcrafted and made-to-order, each individual pattern piece is cut, bevelled and taped into easy to fit modules by Amtico’s highly skilled manufacturing team in the UK.

From the contemporary geometric patterns of Geo and Echo, to the timeless finish of Classic, elegant Décor thrives as a feature area – acting as a striking focal point within a variety of spaces, from bijou bathrooms to grand entranceways.

For impact, we recommend laying Amtico Décor in feature areas of 25m2 or less.

Why we like it:

“For me, the Décor laying pattern evokes an impression of old mosaic floors. This is particularly true of Classic Mono (DC257) – its aesthetics enhanced by carefully combining pattern with trend colors of black and white. It’s my favorite laying pattern because I love the client’s reaction when I present Décor to them, a reaction that only increases further when I show them pictures of installations or projects.”

David López Pamia

Sales Executive, Southern Spain

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