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Pattern Playbook: Muralist

A modern take on mid-century ceramics, Muralist’s curved geometry and ornate details demonstrate Amtico’s superior cutting capabilities and precision engineering.

DC326 Muralist Graffiti

DC326 Muralist Graffiti 

Muralist is perfect for feature areas like a bar surround or boutique changing room, or it can make a real statement floor in smaller spaces. Our in-house designers have curated a broad mix of colourways - Muralist Graffiti (DC326) brings bold, monochromatic contrast whereas Muralist Forum (DC325) is a more subtle mix of products for a sophisticated and elegant finish.

"In one 16 tile module there are 145 individual shapes which are cut, bevelled and reassembled. As part of the development team I worked closely with design and manufacturing, refining tolerances to ensure the finished floor fits first time, every time."

David McCallum

CAD Manager, UK Manufacturing Team

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