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Pattern Playbook: Parquet

Inspired by 16th century French design, Parquet is a versatile pattern with a rich heritage that can work in classic and contemporary spaces alike.

Amtico Signature, DC338 Delft, Small Parquet

DC338 Delft, Small Parquet

Our in-house team of designers have elevated this versatile pattern into a selection of beautiful floor designs by carefully combining sizes and colours. The rich, variegated colours that run through Pacific Grain in Delft (DC338) make a bold, contemporary floor – great for hotel rooms and boutiques. 

A warm, rose-tinted design such as Gardenia (DC335) uses Large Parquet to create an airy, minimalist feel with a chic aesthetic – well suited for modern bars and restaurants..

Amtico Signature, DC298, Crystal, Parquet

DC298, Crystal, Small Parquet

Amtico Signature, DC335 Gardenia

DC335 Gardenia, Large 2 colour Parquet

“My favourite laying pattern is Parquet, both large and small. Parquet is a timeless classic that can range from traditional to modern, but always looks premium in every environment. It’s historically, and continues to be, the go-to pattern for my customers!”

Tim Coumans

Regional Sales Executive, European Commercial Sales: Central Europe, Western

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