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The importance of story-led designs

Gemma Passantino started her journey with Amtico in 2019 as our Floor Design Specialist, with a background in interior design. She supports our commercial customers by advising on laying patterns and product combinations, creating visuals and layout plans. Ultimately providing the customer with a complete flooring solution that’s the perfect fit for their space.

Creating zones within the space: Basket Weave laid in bespoke colours alongside Ink Wash Wood in Large Parquet.

Why is the overall design of a venue important? What should it convey?

The overall design of a venue is important as it’s a way of inviting the customer into the space and making them feel like they want to stay and return again. The design of a space allows us to create an emotional response in the user, which can be anything from the sense of excitement, through to making them feel relaxed and comfortable. The flooring layout and design is often integral to this, as it can signify to the customer how a space should be used with the use of different colour palettes, defining a specific area or creating a sense of wayfinding, taking the customer on a journey.

Amtico Floor Design Specialist, Gemma Passantino

M Bar & Grill uses a classic Basket Weave laying pattern

M Bar & Grill uses a classic Basket Weave laying pattern to create a luxe atmosphere

What key hospitality design trends can we expect to see in 2020?

The idea of creating a journey, or an experience, is a trend that is continuing to grow. People want a story; they want different experiences as they move through a space. Amtico’s Designers’ Choice laying patterns are an excellent example of story-led designs and the huge creative potential of combining colour, wood and stone in harmony. Finishes can change and evolve to suit the surrounding space, giving the customer anything from a traditional, authentic wood finish to a contemporary, colourful geometric pattern.

What is important to consider when designing a venue – whether it’s new or refurbished?

When designing any project, one of the major things to consider is who is going to be using it. This is especially important with the choice of flooring product, where it can have a huge impact on the aesthetic and overall performance of the space. Flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) offer superb durability; indeed, Amtico’s Signature collection comes with a 1mm wear layer and 20-year commercial warranty to ensure that even the busiest of places continue to look inviting for decades. We also want our floors to complement the overall interior design and meet the practical needs of the users, whether they are a customer or an employee. For that reason, we have recently expanded our Signature collection with sumptuous wood grains, textured stones, and a mix of bold and neutral colours.

DC304 Graphite Slate, Basilica Salt & Kura Caraway

Tullamore Hotel using DC304 Graphite Slate, Basilica Salt & Kura Caraway

Make a Bespoke statement

Bold, creative and beautiful, a bespoke floor can be tailored to your project requirements. We’ll work with you to achieve your vision.

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