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More than just a warm welcome

Flooring is one of many products that can bring a touch of style and quality to hospitality environments, and opting for products that offer design flexibility opens up a world of possibilities. While the word ‘unique’ is often overused, it isn’t uncommon for it to appear in a client’s brief. However, instantly reflecting a brand and its desired aesthetic can be challenging! So, it’s important to work with a product and company that can help produce designs that will make a hotel stand out.

DC456 Echo Keys

DC456 Echo Keys


Bespoke designs can be created in many ways and as a British flooring manufacturer we offer a variety of services from made-to-order, completely unique concepts and creations, to tailoring our Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) products and laying patterns to produce custom floor designs.

The expertise of a manufacturer’s in-house creative and CAD teams is invaluable, and its advanced knowledge of the product range and cutting capabilities is essential, as these can be utilised to create an intricate design or feature floor area.

The chosen colours, textures, and patterns set the mood and prepare guests for their stay – and flooring ticks all the boxes, whether it’s a colourful, patterned floor design that enhances the vibrancy of a hotel bar, or a classic Parquet in Oak hues for a home-from-home feel in a bedroom. Consider the many roles that flooring plays – does it reflect the desired mood, do the colours complement the textures in the room in question? And does the laying pattern make a visual impact and guide guests through an area?

NHow show Amtico Signature and Amtico Spacia products, in a bespoke Pleat laying pattern.

NHow show Amtico Signature and Amtico Spacia products, in a bespoke Pleat laying pattern.


Of course, achieving this relies on the flexibility, adaptability and durability of the flooring material. While natural woods and stones have their place, selecting Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) is a forward-thinking decision for a hotel; after all, they can provide the shapes, angles/geometry and scale needed to optimise a space, while remaining incredibly durable and meeting VOC requirements for wellbeing and air quality.

However, you can combine the charm of woods and stones with the unrivalled performance of LVT. For instance, we have launched Amtico Form, a new nature-inspired collection that recreates the tactile beauty and authentic textures of natural materials. Designed in Britain by our in-house creative team, the 36 Woods and Stones harness the natural colours and variations that can be seen in real marble or timber.

Opal from the Amtico Form collection laid in a Hex Laying Pattern.

Opal laid in a Hex Laying Pattern.

Bergen Oak laid in a Herringbone Laying Pattern.

Bergen Oak laid in a Herringbone Laying Pattern.


Ever-popular, LVT also provides complete resilience and design freedom while withstanding heavy traffic and resisting scuffs, scratches and stains. Importantly, our LVT products are made with recycled content and offer the same aesthetic years after installation, all while maintaining its integrity. So, it is no surprise that it is rising above ceramics and timber to become the flooring material of choice in hospitality.

Interior design trends are slowly moving away from simple, minimalistic schemes to more considered and characterful looks that enhance the mood of guests and provide the ultimate experience. As hotels re-open, we foresee a greater emphasis on wayfinding and zoning being incorporated naturally into designs with flooring choices, and with this we will see even more experimentation, with distinctive patterns and bold colours.

Wentworth uses DC175 Plaza and DC320 Versailles to create a luxury atmosphere.

Wentworth showcases DC175 Plaza and DC320 Versailles to create a luxury atmosphere.


The design of a space makes it possible to evoke an emotional response in an individual, however, the right choice of floor product – provided with a generous commercial warranty – goes a long way in terms of meeting the practical needs of the hotel and its guests, while ensuring durability, long-lasting performance and, importantly, comfort.

"Specifiers can easily achieve unique designs with the versatility of LVT, from combining colour and pattern combinations, to working with flooring manufacturers to produce bespoke creations."

Gemma Passantino

Design Services Manager

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