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Incorporating Sustainability in Commercial Interior Design

What is sustainability? How can it be embedded into commercial interior design?

Here at Amtico, we have thought long and hard about it – and not just in a corporate “green wash” way, or for a quick-fix PR win. Quite the opposite actually. It’s about putting words into action. It’s about responsible foundations.

Amtico Commercial Marketing Manager Louisa Eyles explains why, as well as how, sustainability is becoming a key part in commercial interior projects.


The road to a sustainable future

The first thing to say is that sustainability is a journey not a destination. That’s true not only for manufacturers of premium products, like Amtico, but also for designers, architects and constructors. It’s about making step changes towards sustainability that cumulatively make a difference. That’s why we’ve spent the last couple of years really digging deep into these issues and putting a five-year sustainability plan together, so we can set real, achievable targets.


Versailles, DC320 - from Amtico's Designers' Choice Collection. 

Defining sustainability

There myriad definitions online, but in a commercial interiors context, this definition of sustainable design was the one I liked the most: it’s about the creation of interior environments that use principles such as functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics with a focus on people and planet. Sustainable design is about being guided by considerations to help reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste and put people at the heart of the design.


Working in partnership

What we’ve seen over the last few years is that commercial interior designers and manufacturers are moving forward together to meet sustainability goals. As you would expect, here at Amtico we are firmly committed to becoming climate leaders. This means we are diligently working at reducing our carbon footprint, eliminating waste, investing and innovating in sustainable manufacturing and playing our part in caring for people and the planet.

And that’s why we love working with commercial interior designers towards a better and more sustainable future. The steps we can take maybe small, but together they can make a big difference.

Flooring for the future

Learn more about what Amtico’s commitment is to responsible foundations by reading our five-year sustainability plan via our Sustainability page.