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Project: Bicocca Village, Milan

As part of the renovation work, a dynamic, colourful and sparkling floor design was installed to dress the ground floor shopping area. Amtico LVT was selected for its hardwearing performance, perfectly suited to the heavy traffic of a shopping centre.

Stria Rock, Shimmer Felt, Sevilla, Napoli - bespoke laying pattern

Signature products; Stria Rock, Shimmer Felt, Sevilla, Napoli - in a bespoke laying pattern.

Milan, Italy
Amtico Signature & Amtico Spacia
Laying Patterns:
Bespoke Pattern & Stripwood

On the upper levels, a food court is made up of zones for relaxation, breaks and restaurants; where the floor helps distinguish these spaces through changes in material and colour.

Bicocca chose to do a bespoke flooring pattern which created an inspiring & bold statement flooring giving customers a unique shopping experience as well as stripwood in the food court. With Amtico’s advanced cutting capabilities and bespoke service, Bicocca were able to custom design a pattern for the main common areas. Within the eatery area, a standard stripwood laying pattern was used.

Ceramic Dark, SS5S3566 and Ceramic Flint, SS5S2594 - from the Amtico Spacia collection. 

Ceramic Dark and Ceramic Flint - from the Amtico Spacia collection. 

Sherwood Oak, SS5W2532 - in a Stripwood Laying Pattern. 

Sherwood Oak - in a Stripwood Laying Pattern. 

"For this project, it was required a well-structured and efficient installation in more than 20 stages in order to keep restaurants and shops operational. Amtico products and adhesives met these requirements and Eco Contract coordinated works and fitters in the correct way, meeting the customer’s goals. More over the Signature collection is the only one that allows a custom design with a 1mm wear layer.”

Guglielmo Salvò

Technical Manager, Eco Contract

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