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Project: Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham

Dove is Ramside Hall Hotel’s latest luxury treehouse, situated within the woodland adjacent to the 18th fairway of The Prince Bishops golf course in Durham. The spacious, 10-person retreat boasts a mezzanine, kitchen, terrace and three bedrooms, while the large lounge also allows the venue to be used for functions and events.

Ramside Hall Hotel features Amtico Signature

The luxury treehouse features Amtico Signature, chosen for it's design-led aesthetics and durability.

Hospitality & Leisure
Amtico Signature
Laying Patterns:
Castel Weave & Small Parquet

The rustic interiors feature Amtico LVT wood flooring from the Signature collection, chosen for its design-led aesthetics, colour palettes and durability to withstand heavy footfall, while still maintaining a fresh and new look. 

The luxury Dove treehouse is an extension of Ramside’s three existing treehouses, located next to the golf course. Dove follows the same woodland-inspired design principles, with the colour palette and materials reflecting the surroundings with rustic stone and wood-clad walls, decorative foliage and beautiful, eye-catching Amtico flooring. The lounge area features Signature Reclaimed Oak laid in Castel Weave, a luxurious laying pattern that creates a statement – even in large event spaces or places of ceremony. It is surrounded by timeless Parquet in the same Reclaimed Oak LVT for a classic, woodland feel. The pattern delivers a seamless transition between the lounge, hallways and kitchen. 

Ramside Hall Hotel features Amtico Signature

Reclaimed Oak laid in Castel Weave, from the Amtico Signature collection. 

Ramside Hall Hotel features Amtico Signature

Timeless Parquet is used to surround the lounge area, extending into the hallway and kitchen. 

Unique and vast, the lounge area will be used for various events and occasions, although its main function will be as a wedding venue. Amtico Signature’s Quantum Guard Elite layer makes it perfect for the treehouse’s multi-use space, while providing protection against abrasive debris, scuffs and scratches, particularly when staff re-arrange the furniture between ceremonies. The lounge also boasts full-height windows to allow natural light to flood the space, so the LVT’s UV resistance is essential for ensuring a fade-free finish.

Reclaimed Oak
Amtico Signature|AR0W7870
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“We use Amtico flooring time and time again, primarily for its aesthetic, but also because it is easy to clean and low maintenance, therefore cost-effective. Amtico Signature is always made to the highest standard – it looks and feels luxurious. The timber-style LVT not only looks good individually but also replicates the surrounding trees of the treehouses. The comparability to real natural materials makes it an easy flooring solution that maintains the visual appeal design-wise.”

Helen Roseberry

Director, Ramside Estates

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Amtico Signature
Ramside Hall Hotel features Amtico Signature