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Project: Space 48, Manchester

Ecommerce consultancy injects colourful vibrancy into office space with distinctive laying patterns from the Designers’ Choice collection.

For an impactful entrance to the office, the Arrow laying pattern was specified across the reception and breakout areas. 

Manchester, UK
Amtico Signature
Laying Patterns:
Arrow & Parquet

Space 48 is an ecommerce consultancy which needed to create multifunctional areas within its Manchester offices. Architectural and interior designers for the project, DV8 Designs, utilised Amtico’s Designers’ Choice laying patterns to deliver an outstanding scheme.

In the reception and breakout spaces, DV8 was tasked with providing an impactful and fun entrance to the office. This was achieved by specifying the ‘Arrow’ laying pattern, which features a striking and confident asymmetric design, with its shifting rows of parallelogram tiles making a bold statement. The rich yellow accents of this pattern also add movement and vitality within the space – contrasting effortlessly with a rough timber reception desk.

Finally, the meeting rooms have adopted a sophisticated ‘Parquet’ pattern, which delivers a calming and contemporary effect, thanks to a collection of natural wood tones.

Napoli, Glint Orb, Glint Void & Ashdown Plum - in a Arrow laying pattern. 

Napoli, Glint Orb, Glint Void & Ashdown Plum - in an Arrow laying pattern. 

Limed Grey Wood, Parisian Pine & Wharf Oak - laid in a Parquet laying pattern. 

Limed Grey Wood, Parisian Pine & Wharf Oak - laid in a Parquet laying pattern. 

“We wanted to create a flooring scheme that was new, exciting and against the grain of anything we had previously done. Amtico gave us a great platform to start from, allowing us to develop our designs quickly and, with samples available immediately, we could work with the client on site, allowing them to understand the scale and colours of the proposed designs. “On a more practical level, we always require any vinyl flooring we specify to be covered with an R10 slip rating. We were especially pleased to find out that Amtico’s designs not only gave us the required rating, covering us from a health and safety perspective, but also looked fantastic!”

Rebecca Brooks

DV8 Designs

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