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Building efficiency into
the product lifecycle.

Making floors that last a lifetime.

Our ethos is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality in design, manufacturing, product and service.

We’re committed to leading standards and dedicated to raising environmental awareness in the industry.



Continuous improvement is what drives our R&D team toward the development of new, more sustainable, recyclable products.

Through our innovation culture, we focus on:

  • Designing out waste from the very start of the process.
  • Ensuring our floors do not contribute to poor air quality in buildings by keeping their VOC emissions low.
  • Working to ensure that product safety is paramount by insisting our PVC resin has low vinyl chloride monomer content.
  • Maximising the lifetime of our products, to ensure that our products offer a long-term solution for our customers. As a result we are able to offer some of the longest warranties in the flooring industry.



Our suppliers are our partners. Our relationships are built on a commitment to safe production processes and ethical supply routes – with everyone working to the same high standards we set ourselves.

Safe, high quality raw materials

When it comes to raw materials, we choose suppliers that are recognised and certified as suppliers of virgin PVC resin, which we use for its excellent performance and ease of processing. Our supplier relationships also support our commitment to develop phthalate-free products, use recycled additives and bio-based plasticisers.

Suppliers committed to sustainability

Our UK factory uses EU-based suppliers who belong to VinylPlus – a body which brings together producers, suppliers and distributors of PVC to establish a long-term sustainability framework.




Our new purpose-built distribution centre at Pilot Park, Coventry, is a showpiece environmentally friendly building.

Rated as ‘very good’ under BREEAM, it features solar panelling, a cyclonic water irrigation system, a bio digester, and electric charge points for employee cars. As well as allowing us to support the local community, the new centre has allowed us to effectively reduce touch points in our product lifecycle, saving handling times and significantly reducing average product journeys.




In day-to-day manufacturing our dedicated experts perform 48 separate checks.

Ranging from raw material input to customer delivery, these checks ensure every aspect of our manufacturing process is working to optimal efficiency. Making our floors in the UK means we are closer to our major markets; our service and quality is controlled and transport is fast and practical.




As a responsible company our priorities are to reduce waste, and we have made a significant investment in our factory processes in order to achieve that. We are fully committed to continuously improving our methods of reuse, recycling, or ultimate disposal.

Reuse and recycling

Up to 40% of all production waste is recycled back into the backing layers of our products. Any secondary waste is recycled off-site. When all other channels are exhausted we dispose of our general waste through RDF, landfill being a last resort.

Currently, around 60% of our packaging and printed material is made from recycled material. With every new product launch and new brochure we print, we are working to improve this. We ensure that almost 100% of our internal packaging is reused or recycled.

Segregation and safe disposal

Working with partners who are able to use waste in the manufacture of other products, we carefully select processors to recycle any production waste we can’t reuse. At the end of their life our products can be recycled and made into tough and functional products like traffic cones or shoe soles.

Why don’t we take our floors back?

At the end of its life when a floor is replaced, it first needs to be removed from its subfloor. Due to the contaminating residues of adhesives and site waste we don’t currently have the ability to process this. Instead, we recommend safe disposal through third-party industry schemes like the vinyl take-back scheme AgPR.




Our floors come with long warranty terms and in the case of our residential Signature collection have a lifetime guarantee.

Our experienced team of aftercare advisors offer vital support covering installation, maintenance, post-fitting and the technical aspects of how to look after and maintain floors so that they last as long as possible.

As with every other aspect of Amtico’s service we ensure that we continually update and refine this advice in step with advances in technology and best practice


View and download the Environmental Statement

Want to know more? Talk to an expert about our environmental statement.

For answers on our approach to sustainable business, help with the environmental or technical specifications of our products, brochures or samples:

Phone: 0121 745 0800
email: [email protected]