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Pioneering the sustainable use of plastic.

Amtico pioneered the use of PVC in 1964 when we started making LVT floors. Since then we have continued to drive the evolution of versatile, high-performance flooring solutions.


What exactly is PVC?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, is a polymer or plastic, used to make many durable products. Amtico combines it with plasticizers, additives and stabilizers to create LVT flooring.

We use PVC in a resin form and manufacture it into sheet, some being coloured with pigment; others as a clear wear layer. These are then laminated, UV cured and coated for extra scuff resistance and finally precision cut into our high-performance flooring planks and tiles.

What are PVC’s advantages?

High quality PVC makes for an extremely durable flooring product. Through lamination and recipe development PVC flooring has the strength to withstand continual use in commercial spaces or busy homes. With a regular maintenance routine, it can last a lifetime.

A safe, certified low emission product.

PVC is a safe material to use. Globally adopted for medical equipment, building materials and household products, it’s non-absorbent, non-toxic and free from heavy metals. Amtico’s PVC flooring products are specified, used and trusted by architects, designers, contractors, local government and professional bodies. You’ll find our floors in thousands of healthcare, education, public and private buildings all over the world.

The most energy efficient plastic.

PVC as used in LVT flooring, is an inherently sustainable material, created from salt and oil. Designed to be used over and over again and totally recyclable at the end of its lifecycle, it consumes the lowest amount of energy in production compared to other high-volume plastics.

Source: GaBi database LCA Assessment


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