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Dare to be different with black

posted: December 2016

Dark, moody and mysterious, black is back in a big way in the world of interiors. It might not seem the most obvious choice for your interior scheme, but when used correctly it creates impact and always gets noticed. Used throughout as an accent colour or in a monochrome setting, black dares to be different.

Here are four considerations when using black in your home:


1. The Squeeze

Black works particularly well in small spaces. Interior style doesn’t always have to be about creating space, sometimes it’s better to make the space you have work as hard as it possibly can. This is where black can really make a difference.

One room where black works particularly well is an office space. It is business-like but never boring and when different shades are introduced it can create a calming scheme that will help you to get to work in style. Don’t be afraid to put black furniture against black walls and floors, it really does work. Our Amtico Signature Ink Wash Wood in a Parquet laying pattern provides the perfect, sleek finish to this elegant room.

The Mystery DC107, created with Ink Wash Wood, Large Parquet - Designers Choice

The Mystery DC107, created with Ink Wash Wood, Large Parquet - Designers Choice

The Atmosphere DC179, created with Umbra Eclipse and Basilica Shell (Stripping)

The Atmosphere DC179, created with Umbra Eclipse and Basilica Shell (Stripping)

2. Go for different shades

When using black throughout in a room, make sure that you use different shades rather than using pure black. Some shades of black have a green tinge, which can add softness and warmth to the space, whereas others have a deep blue-back finish which is a darker and deeper but still highly effective.

Above: Umbra Eclipse in Random Stone laying pattern with Basilica Shell stripping - Designers Choice 

3. Consider accessories

Offset a black space with rugs, throws, curtains and other accessories to bring a touch of softness against the black. Peacock, emerald and even hot pink can work really well against a black backdrop.

4. New from Amtico

Amtico has introduced new wood and stone flooring options that will make it easy to introduce this colour scheme in any home. Chroma Black, Gold and Blue have been influenced by striking metals and is multi-tonal with hand-finished textures. Inspired by shadow and movement, Umbra Eclipse, Dusk and Pale are non-repeating patterns that captures the beauty of sophisticated curves and organic layers. Finally Ink Wash Wood brings a sheer, glossy and dark finish to your floor.

Don’t forget that you can test out how this trend would look in your interior with the new Digital Room Visualiser, the perfect way to experiment and play before you buy. Order up to 6 free samples in advance to see how they work in your space. 

Above: Chroma Black in Block Weave laying pattern - Designers Choice 

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