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Every space is different

posted: June 2016

Whatever the size, scale and design of your house, it will be unique to you, reflecting your style, personality and taste. Inevitably, some spaces in your home will fall naturally into place, whereas others may seem more challenging. These are often the smaller spaces or those with an unusual shape.

So in this blog we’re bringing you three inspirational ideas to consider whatever space you’re working with. Small spaces can be tricky, but we’ve turned this on its head and have a new approach you may not have considered as well as the latest tricks and trends that lend themselves to problematic and challenging areas.

Squeeze out space with black

It might not seem like the most obvious choice, but if you have a small space that needs some attention, consider the use of black. Dark flooring and furniture can really draw you into a cosy and inviting room. It’s natural to want to cate more space, but sometimes it works well to just make the most of the space that you have.

With a careful balance of walls, floor and furniture you can create something unique, unusual and utterly charming.


Blackout swatches

Above:Ink Wash Wood 2. Graphite Slate

Right: Ink Wash Wood in Parquet laying pattern – Designers’ Choice

Careful transitions from one space to another

Open plan living is one way to really showcase the space in your home. But the way that these spaces flow from one to the other needs careful consideration. This is where the flexibility of Amico Signature laying patterns, borders and motifs comes in.

Your choice of laying patterns will help to add charm and character. Classic designs such as herringbone work well in large spaces and can be given a modern twist when used in darker shades. Using different laying patterns will effortlessly add separation between rooms and using a border or motif will create a natural break between spaces. The eye will be drawn to this detail highlighting that you’re moving from one space to another.


Transitional space swatches image

Above: 1. Cirrus Air 2. Ellipse Grand border 3. Shore Oak

Right: Basilica Salt, Cirrus Air & Shore Oak in Broken Bond & Stripwood laying patterns with Ellipse Grand border

Keep it light and airy


For a bright, light setting the trend for Scandi style is perfect. It focuses on clean lines, whites and greys and looks cool, calm and contemporary in urban and modern settings. Consider cool wooden flooring options such as Shore Oak and Pearl Wash Wood to bring this Nordic style home.It goes without saying that a light interior palette will help to create a feeling of space.  Go for a chalky shade such as White Ash or Chalked Pine, this neutral palette will really show off the pieces within it. When used on the floor and walls, complemented by soft subtle furnishings it will really help to open up the space and create an oasis of calm and tranquility.

You can find out more about these style and many more in our new Uniquely Amtico brochure.

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