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Amtico talks with interior design duo, the 2 Lovely Gays….

posted: April 2017

If you haven’t heard of the 2 Lovely Gays, we hasten you to read The Times (or speak to anyone that is up on interior design). For those that don’t know them, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead are actors-turned-interior designers, who became known during 2014 when Jordan was a finalist on the first Great Interior Design Challenge. Since then, the formidable pair have carved a highly reputable name for themselves, defined by their distinctive style. 

Jordan and Russell’s latest project is under way in Kew, London, and they have selected Amtico flooring to be laid throughout. Ahead of the final unveiling, we have picked their brains about the brief and all things design. But before that, below is a proper introduction to the pair, in their own words…..

Originally coming from a theatre background, collaboration has always been key to our work and has naturally progressed into our design ethic. Together we founded 2LG Studio in 2014, an Interior Design practice based in South East London.

To this day, we are driven by the creative desire to provide a platform for new talents in the design world, as well as giving life to new designs of our own. We are committed not only to seeking out cutting edge new processes and materials, but applying them to the design of peoples’ homes. This adaptable and personal approach to design allows us to respond uniquely to the specific human needs of each project. Combining form, function and decorative joy in equal measure.

Our award-winning design blog is our outlet for this collaborative voice and acts as a platform to showcase our process and that of other new talents.

Tell us more about the residential project…..

This is such an exciting project! It’s the penthouse apartment in Kew, London, and the clients are both English lecturers, living in Hong Kong, due to retire back to the UK. They are so open-minded and creative with a great eye for detail; when they told us about their love for the work of Kelly Wearstler, we knew we would have lots in common! It’s a great space and an opportunity for a complete transformation.

Sounds like an intriguing brief. Where did you find your inspiration?

We had so much to draw on, for example their love of art and literature but also their travels. On a more practical level, they have two dogs so their needs had to be taken into consideration. They also want to be able to cook on a wok but don’t have gas – would you believe there is only one induction hob on the market for a wok?? We were extremely excited when we found it!


The Mystery DC107, created with Ink Wash Wood, Large Parquet - Designers Choice

The Mystery DC107, created with Ink Wash Wood, Large Parquet - Designers Choice

You approached Amtico with regards to flooring, which is an integral part of any scheme. What design did you go for and why?

We chose the Mystery Parquet in a gorgeous inky black/blue. We wanted to unite the floors throughout for many reasons, both practical and aesthetic. The client has Glaucoma (impaired vision) and therefore it was very important that the floor was completely flat and smooth with no thresholds that could cause a trip hazard. It also had to be super durable for the dogs.

We didn't want to compromise on the look and knew we wanted something with huge impact, that’s when the lightbulb struck and we knew Amtico would have the perfect solution!

For those who have never tried luxury vinyl tile (LVT) before, there is sometimes a fear of the unknown. What are your thoughts on LVT as a practical and aesthetic material?

Absolutely. We must admit we have always loved real wood and, at first, were not sure what to make of LVT. So, we ordered lots of samples and had a good explore of what’s on the market at the moment.

We were very pleasantly surprised! We have just finished a project using a wide oak plank design from Amtico and it looks stunning. It was a family house in the country, with two small children racing around, so we fitted it across the entire ground floor for super durability. The results have always been incredible and we are thrilled with how the project is progressing.

Practicality and durability is a big advantage with LVT, and one that resonates with people of all ages who need flooring that will stand the test of time. Do you think this accounts for its rising popularity?

Yes, it has to be partly due to the practical solutions it offers. People lead such busy lives and don't necessarily want to be worried about scratched wooden floors. Its durability is great and you don’t compromise on the look.

The only thing I miss is the smell! You will have to introduce a scratch and sniff version!


Please explain your style in three words.

Human, colourful and elegant.

Social media has become such a vast source of inspiration for the interiors industry, and your Instagram doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Where do you get your inspiration and who should we be following?

Lots to name on Instagram! At the moment we are loving:

Kelly Wearstler

Calico wallpaper

Future Perfect

Apparatus Studio

Seb Cox

Artist Kris Knight

There are so many!

How do you both work together as a design duo? Are there many compromises throughout the creative process?

Compromise can be a creative catalyst. I think we both have a very unique approach to interiors. We work hard to support and challenge each other every day and that’s how we get the best results! I think this accounts for a lot, we wouldn’t achieve our resolutions if it wasn’t for the support we show one another.

Pirates or ninjas, and why?

Well, pirates for sure, I’m (Jordan) half-Cornish so I love the sea… also, we’re not the secret silent types, like ninjas. We are opportunistic in style and inquisitive by nature. We like to push our clients. beyond their perceived boundaries.


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