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Looking after your LVT floor

posted: March 2017

With a feeling of spring definitely in the air, some of us might be thinking about a certain motivational and energetic-sounding word duo: spring clean!

Unlike a natural wood or stone floor, there’s little maintenance with an Amtico LVT floor. Whether you’re a ‘weekly clean’ or a ‘spur-of-the-moment clean’ kind of person, it’s easy to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Here’s our some tips to keep your floor looking in great condition:



Dish the dirt

Grit can really harm your floor by removing the finish from your floor, so an external doormat really helps to keep the dirt and grit outside of your house.



Clean sweep

Regular sweeping with a soft nylon bristled brush really helps to keep the surface dirt away before it get a chance to get ground in. Make sure you get under the furniture and in the corners.



Shake it off

Keep entrance mats clean by regular shaking, vacuuming or washing to ensure the dirt is kept out.


Give your LVT floor a deep clean

An occasional deep clean will definitely help to remove ingrained dirt and bring your floor back to its beautiful best.  

Here’s our quick step by step guide to help keep your Amtico floor looking immaculate.

  • Before you get started, tackle any dried-on food stains, spillages or scuffs. Our Amtico Spillage Remover really helps to remove those stubborn stains.
  • Begin by applying Amtico Floorcare Stripper, then mop the floor, leave for 10 minutes and rinse clean. We recommend that you rinse again for a fabulous finish.
  • Next apply the Amtico Floorcare Dressing which is designed to remove ingrained dirt: using a flat head applicator mop, apply one coat in one direction and a second at right angles will give you the best results. Our Floorcare Dressing gives an added protection against scuffing and scratching.

For a more detailed guide download our Wear and Care leaflet. 

What to avoid when cleaning LVT floors

To maintain your beautiful Amtico floor it’s important that you avoid:

  • Using steam cleaners or steam mops as these can damage the floor.
  • Using ammonia or bleach based products as these can discolour your floor.
  • Soaking the floor with water because excess moisture can damage the planks or tiles.
  • Using detergents, abrasive cleaners and the popular ‘mop & shine’ type products – these can leave a dull film on LVT.
  • Waxing your LVT floor because it can make the surface very slippery.


Keep your LVT floor looking great with regular cleaning and maintenance

It’s easy to keep your Amtico floor clean all year round with this approach to floorcare:

  • Use a non-rubber backed entrance mat at doorways to help stop dirt and grit being walked onto the floor.
  • Make sure your sofas, chairs and tables have furniture caps or felt pads so that you can move them around easily and protect your floor from scratches and marks.
  • Wipe up spillages as soon as they happen with a damp soft cloth – and you might want to give the area a thorough clean with our Floorcare Maintainer or Spillage Remover, just to make sure everything has been cleaned away.
  • Sweep the floor with a soft bristle brush and do an occasional light mop regularly with the Amtico Floorcare Maintainer.


Stocking up on Amtico cleaning products

You can buy our specialist cleaners from your local Amtico retailer. Or you might prefer to buy an Amtico Wear & Care Starter Kit. This contains Amtico Floorcare Maintainer, Amtico Spillage Remover, a pack of protective felt pads and a non-abrasive nylon pad – everything you need for your regular cleaning and maintenance routine. You can find details of your nearest Amtico retailer here – they’ll stock all these options.

And we’ve created a handy Wear & Care Guide, too. You can download a copy from our website.

If you do find time to freshen up your Amtico floor, we’re sure you’ll love the results.

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