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What’s your pattern? Advice on choosing the perfect laying pattern for your floor

posted: August 2017

Simple patterns let the beauty of the product speak”, says Sarah Escott, our Senior Designer. It’s these words that lie at the heart of all Amtico laying patterns – simple, elegant laying patterns that allow the unique qualities of the flooring to truly shine.

Twelve inspired laying patterns, 100 gorgeous flooring combinations. Our Designers’ Choice collection is the perfect way to find your dream floor. Simply pick your favourite pattern, then choose a colour palette that works for your home – it’s as easy as that.


Basket Weave

Basket Weave is a timeless classic. The criss-crossing lines work gorgeously with the grain of the wood to create a versatile and inviting floor. Basket Weave works well in any space to generate a cosy vibe, from kitchens to living rooms.



Our Woven design takes the traditional parquet layout and gives it a fresh twist. You can either go monotone to really let the wood grain do the talking, accentuated by the interweaving geometric shapes – or go bold with a multitoned, striking floor design. Either way, we think our Woven design works best in modern spaces, to create a sleek and sophisticated look.

Basket Weave flooring patterns


The strength of Parquet lies in its simplicity. Individual tiles build together to form an elegant Herringbone pattern, with a true enduring beauty. This laying pattern is perfect for hallways and landings. We recommend pairing it with a statement rug and mid-century furniture, to emulate the on-trend Scandinavian look.


Plank Weave 

To create the Plank Weave laying pattern, we’ve mixed up two plank lengths to create a soft woven effect. The shorter planks interrupt the flow of the longer planks, which gives it a bold and captivating feel. This would work really well in larger spaces, such as living rooms or large kitchens in either of our wood, stone or abstract products.



Beautiful in its minimal simplicity, we’re big fans of Pleat.  The precise, angular design builds to create a wonderful overall pattern, both neatly balanced and full of character. It’s difficult to imagine a room where Pleat wouldn’t look great, so if you’re looking for a versatile laying pattern that you can adapt to your unique style then this is definitely the one.

Parquet or Plank Weave? Perfect laying patterns for your floor.

Random Stone

The multi-layered combination of three different tile sizes in Random Stone means that it is full of variation and interesting patterns, but it doesn’t overly dominate. It’s the perfect balance of boldness and subtlety. This is why it works equally well in large, open spaces as well as smaller, cosy rooms.


Key Stone

Depending on the colour combinations you choose, Key Stone laying patterns can add a very different vibe to a room. A high contrast tile combination will offer a bold and striking floor design, whilst a muted palette will create a simple, laid back feeling. Try using it to add some character to your bathroom or kitchen.

Key Stone or Random Stone? Perfect laying patterns for stone floors


Multiple sizes of squares and rectangles come together to create our Flagstone laying pattern. The result is an interesting and ever-changing design, which adds boldness and strength to a room. This pattern works best in bathrooms and kitchens, as an alternative to traditional tile layouts.


Staggered block 

Like Flagstone, our Staggered Block laying pattern relies on a clever positioning of three tile sizes. Their combination adds a subtle splash of elegance to an otherwise very traditional layout. Try using Staggered Block in larger areas, such as open plan spaces – which will really let its architectural quality shine through.



Arrow is sharp, angular and bursting with impact. Depending on the tiles you choose, you can create both high- and low-contrast floors, for a very different vibe. We think the high-contrast options are ideal for hallways, where a sense of movement is welcomed. Whereas, low-contrast options would look impactful in either a bathroom or kitchen.



Kite is easily one of our most distinctive laying patterns. With multiple sizes, shapes, angles and colours, it’s a floor that is guaranteed to make an impact! Due to its complex, kaleidoscopic pattern, we think Kite works best in open spaces, with little distractions – such as hallways, landings or larger rooms.



If you’re still unsure about which Amtico laying pattern is the best choice for your home, why don’t you have a look at our interactive room visualizer? You can see what the flooring options look like against a huge range of rooms and styles – simply find one that matches your home, and you’re all set!

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