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Classic Fusion: Bringing modern trends together with vintage pieces

When the marriage of old and new works in perfect harmony you can create a space that is beautiful, timeless and enduring. But there is an art to making this trend work successfully in your space. Here are five things to think about if you’re going for a stunning curated style.

1. Focal point

If you’re bringing items together from different eras in a varied style, there should still be a focal point that draws the eye in the room, this could be a feature wall or a stunning bookcase. 

Cornish Oak in Large Parquet laying pattern

A subtle yet interesting focal point is this circular Myron motif

2. Go with the flow

If you’ve chosen to run with this eclectic style, keep it going throughout the spaces that flow naturally together, or the entire house. Changing style between rooms may look like an uncomfortable change.

3. Consider colour

Think about your choice of colour for floors and walls because this will help to blend a vintage feel naturally into a contemporary setting. Choose a statement colour that pulls the look together. Chalky shades and whitewash wood are ideal for creating this scheme.

4. Perfect placement

Choosing an interior scheme that brings the classic together with the contemporary is the perfect way to really showcase your personality. When it works well and you get the balance just right, it exudes confidence and is a real statement of who you truly are.

5. Single it out

Single items from different periods, such as a statement chair or table, will really help to show off your fusion style.

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