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Timeless Floor Designs

We are really proud to make such beautiful and enduring designs which truly stand the test of time, continually evolving with the introduction of new colours, textures and trends. 

Parquet is just one example of a pattern which testifies to how timeless and versatile Amtico flooring really is. 

Amtico Signature, Dry Teak, Parquet Small 

Dry Teak - Parquet Small 

French Weave and Keystone are also really well established patterns, featured heavily in our retro brochures and still as current and coveted today.


French Weave, DC277, Amtico Signature

French Weave, DC277

Key Stone

At Amtico we are constantly looking toward the future - working on new projects, collections and collaborations to add to our archives and build our reputable company history.

A more recent highlight was the launch of our Décor collection in 2017 - the Décor floor designs offer a quirky, contemporary take on timeless Victorian style. Satisfying all functional and aesthetic demands, the Decor collection introduces traditional character and style ready to tackle the requirements of modern life. 

Decor Geo Ecru, Amtico Signature

Decor Geo Ecru

All our unique floor designs are all made possible by a great team of people at Amtico HQ. 

Designers' Choice

Explore the range of sophisticated pattern and colour combinations, pre-selected by experts. 

Designers' Choice