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Tips for selecting a floor from samples

Except the ceiling, your floor is the largest continuous space in your home – so careful consideration is required when choosing your dream floor.

Our free sample service lets you experience up to six of your favourite Amtico products in your home – ensuring you make a final selection that’s perfect for you.

Once you’ve received your samples, the next step is to trial them in your space. Use this list of handy tips to help you get the most from your choices.


Notice your lighting

The harmony between your floor and your room’s lighting is undoubtedly the most important relationship to achieve. Look at each sample in every part of the space, and take note of how the floor interacts with the light throughout the day. Consider electric lights in the evening too, as overhead lights will interact very differently to lamps and other more directional lighting. You’ll be surprised at the different tones and textures you see in your floor as the light changes.

LVT tiles in a hallway with natural light

The flood of natural light highlights the raw texture of Trace Scree’s unique wood and ceramic hybrid design. Shown: Trace Scree laid in a Uniform Block laying pattern with Trace Raku stripping.

Kitchen flooring with coloured cabinets

The colour of cabinetry and other strong materials like this marble work surface are just as important as the paint on the walls. Shown: Rotterdam Oak laid in the Halcyon Pleat laying pattern.

Take full stock of your colour scheme

The colour on your walls against your flooring is important, but remember to consider other elements within your space as well. Unlike walls, your flooring will sit directly against skirting and kickboards, so complimentary tones are important. Even white and neutral coloured paints will bring out different undertones in Amtico flooring.


Consider your curtains

Lay your samples beneath the curtains and other window dressings to establish if they’re a good match - remember to do this in both daylight and evening, as your floor will naturally differ in response to the time of day.

Soft furnishings with LVT flooring

The flooring needs to work with the hard and soft furnishings in your scheme: Shown: Bureau Oak from the Amtico Form collection, laid in Stripwood.

Linen, DC412 from the Designers’ Choice selection featuring cool Tempus Embrace sets off the rich warm velvet in this statement chair.

Think about your furniture

Use your furniture as inspiration when selecting a floor. Find influence in existing wood tones and look at samples next to key pieces that are staying in the room. If you’re in the market for new furniture, take your samples with you and explore the types of metal or wooden legs available, to ensure your furniture and flooring work well together.


Take your time

Choosing a floor that suits your requirements and own personal style can take time. Don’t rush and give yourself a couple of days to live with the samples as you move them around the space. If you’re overhauling an entire room, take your samples with you when shopping for furnishings and conduct similar home tests in-store.

Use the Amtico Room Visualiser as a starting point to get a broader feel of design and pattern, then visit your nearest retailer to make use of their design expertise and Amtico knowledge.

Please remember to send your samples back once you’re done with them for recycling at Amtico’s manufacturing facility in Coventry.



Relax, have a cup of tea and live with the samples for a few days! Shown: Sanctuary Grain from the Signature collection, laid Stripwood.

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