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Elegant additions: Enhance your scheme with borders and motifs

A floor is the centrepiece for an interior scheme – a long-lasting investment that can transform a space through colour and pattern.

But flooring needn’t just be beautiful, it also has the power to engage a guest through clever design choices – elongating spaces, achieving subtle zoning solutions and creating focal points in a space.

Composite Calcium from the Amtico Signature Collection featuring a Ellipse Grand Border.

Amtico borders and motifs are a fantastic way to completely change the look and feel of a space – a touch of opulence that adds visual interest and a clean finish to a room.

Graphic finishing can be clever as well as stylish. Use a motif to create an interesting focal point in your room. Got a large or open-plan space? Use a decorative border to section and zone your living spaces in a stylish and refined way.

Cornish Oak in a Herringbone Laying Pattern with a Mryon Motif.

Amtico Signature Basilica Salt, Cirrus Air, Shore Oak in Broken Bond and Stripwood laying pattern with Elipse Grand border.

Amtico Signature Basilica Salt, Cirrus Air, Shore Oak in Broken Bond and Stripwood laying pattern with Elipse Grand border.


Stripping can also be used to bring a new look to your floor – a small addition with a big impact, our ‘grout’ style stripping adds definition and further authenticity to Amtico LVT planks and tiles.

Kura Kala from the Amtico Signature Collection in a Brick Block Laying Pattern with Stripping.

Kura Kala in a Brick Block Laying Pattern with Kula Anise Stripping.

Buckland Stone with Riverstone Tundra Stripping in a Herringbone Laying Pattern.


We recommend using the Amtico Room Visualiser to explore the different looks you can achieve with stripping.

Choosing a border, motif or stripping to complement your dream floor couldn’t be easier – our range of retail partners will be able to guide you through the design options available, ensuring you choose a floor that’s perfect for your space, and continues to wow you and your guests for years to come.

If you’re contemplating a finishing flourish to your floor, take a look at our ‘complete guide to Amtico flooring’ brochure. In there, you’ll find inspirational imagery of perfectly paired floors with borders, motifs and stripping, carefully chosen by our expert team of in-house designers. Or why not explore more spaces styled with Amtico products via our Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom pages. 

Stripping, Motifs and Borders

Add stylish definition or a sophisticated focal point to your room with Amtico stripping, borders and motifs.