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LVT: A hygienic choice for homes

In a world that now includes the spectre of COVID-19, keeping homes clean and germ-free is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.


The highly durable and hard-wearing formulation of Amtico LVT makes floors resistant to scuffs and stains, so they can stay looking beautiful. What’s more, Amtico LVT never needs polishing. All you need to do is sweep often and damp mop occasionally, using a neutral floor cleaner like Amtico Floorcare Maintainer.

Reasons why LVT is the right choice for hygiene:



It's ok to use bleach

For increased peace of mind in your cleaning regime, you can use antibacterial or bleach (or cleaning products containing bleach) on Amtico flooring as long as they are correctly diluted. We recommend one part bleach with at least ten parts of water.


Dust has nowhere to hide!

Dust, pollen and other allergens can hide in the fibres of rugs and carpets, but the hard surface of LVT makes loose dirt and other debris easy to sweep or hoover away.



LVT is highly water resistant

Spills and stains should always be mopped up immediately but liquids are not able to permeate LVT as easily as some other materials like laminate or carpet, making it less susceptible to mould and other unwanted bacterial growth.


A neutral floor cleaner can be used with all Amtico LVT collections, so you can have your favourite design with added peace of mind. We recommend only using Amtico Maintenance products, for a superior finish. Read our wear and care guide for further tips on keeping your floor as clean as a whistle


Caring for your Amtico Floor

Enjoy years of beauty beneath your feet. Follow our four simple steps to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Cleaning & Care