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Pantone reveals two choices for Colour of the Year 2021

As the year draws to a close, it has become a highly anticipated tradition for the Pantone experts to reveal their colour for the year ahead. Analysing developments across different industries, from fashion and design to science and sports, the trend forecasters translate ideas, imagery and buzzwords into a colour that will be the dominant shade for the coming year.


For 2021, the Pantone predictions focus around not just one colour, but two – ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’. Taking over from 2020’s ‘Classic Blue’, the pairing conveys a message of strength and hopefulness inspired by the collective spirit that has been so present over the last few months.

According to the Pantone powers, it became apparent early on that one solo colour was incapable of expressing the connection to other people that gives us the fortitude and hope that are so essential to move forward. It was critical to have two independent shades that could come together and complement each other with their different qualities.

With ‘Ultimate Grey’ representing the resilience and the composure that the world has shown over the past months and ‘Illuminating’ being the light and positivity at the end of a difficult time, we think Pantone’s choice gives a message of optimism, warmth and happiness. It is a story of colour that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.


At Amtico, we believe colour opens up a world of unique possibilities, allowing for the expression of individual style and personality. The Colour Edit, part of our premium Signature range, comprises four palettes that offer the perfect balance between drama and subtlety. Each shade has been created to work beautifully on its own or complement one another.

Colour Edit from the Amtico Signature Collection Laid in a Uniform Block Laying Pattern.

Colour Edit from the Amtico Signature Collection Laid in a Uniform Block Laying Pattern.

DC374 The Lyra

DC374 The Lyra


Look to our architectural, aged plaster shades reminiscent of Pantone’s ‘Ultimate Grey’, and Stucco Hay, a more muted version of ‘Illuminating’. Delightfully neutral, grey hues have always been a popular choice for flooring. Whilst yellow might not be considered as obvious a choice, it is a colour full of optimism, synonymous with new life and positivity. When paired together in a creative laying pattern, these contrasting colours enrich each other with eye-catching effect.

DC398 The Mode


Encouraging you to experiment with colour on the floor, either with sophisticated patterns or subtle accents, Colour Edit presents a carefully curated interaction between shades and textures that redefines the boundaries of flooring design.

Are you feeling inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2021 and looking to inject personality into your home? Order a free brochure and tile samples and use our Room Visualiser to pick the right floor for your home. No matter the colour, you can rest assured you will find the right products to help you create a unique space.

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With a perfect balance of subtlety and drama, Colour Edit delivers an array of appealing choices.