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Pattern Playbook: Parquet

Inspired by 16th century French design, Parquet is a versatile pattern with a rich heritage that can work in classic and contemporary spaces within the home. 

Amtico Signature, DC338 Delft, Small Parquet

DC338 Delft, Small Parquet

Our in-house team of designers have elevated this versatile pattern into a selection of beautiful floor designs by carefully combining sizes and colours. The oak textures, coupled with hints of pastel blue that run through Pacific Grain in Delft (DC338) make a space look luxurious and contemporary – great for bedrooms. 

Recreate the beauty of traditional parquet flooring with the ease and simplicity of Amtico Spacia parquet. A smaller parquet plank in a rich warm wood such as Royal Oak creates a welcoming entrance. 

Amtico Spacia, Royal Oak, Parquet laying pattern

Royal Oak, Amtico Spacia, Small Parquet laying pattern 

Amtico Form, Coal Grained Oak, Small Parquet laying pattern

Coal Grained Oak, Amtico Form, Small Parquet laying pattern

Coal Grained Oak has intense inky tones that sweep through the smooth, flowing grain creating a sleek, distinctive finish. Parquet is an elegant and timeless pattern that's suitable for a wide range of spaces within the home. 

Are you looking for more inspiration? Why not check out our bedroom, hallway or bathroom flooring pages to see how we've styled the spaces using Amtico products. 


Perfect Parquet

Explore our sophisticated and ready to use Designers’ Choice options for Parquet, or experiment with colour and products to create your perfect floor. 

Designers' Choice Parquet