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New year, new projects: Designs to bring colour to every room

With a new year comes new ways to revive and refresh the home. With January set to be a quieter month than usual for most of us, now is the perfect time to embark on those decorating projects and bring some welcome colourful flourishes into our rooms.

DC395 The Marina

DC395 The Marina


Working from the ground up, the floor sets the tone for every room in the house, ensuring a good base to build your design scheme on. So, whether you’re recreating an authentic Victorian-inspired look or aiming for something a little more contemporary, why not add some style and visual interest to the most hardworking surface in the home? We promise there’s something to suit every taste in our stylish collection of LVT that’s as practical as it is pretty.

We’ve rounded up our favourite ideas to bring some vibrancy into your home.

Diffusion Lux, Diffusion Chambray and Stucco Flax Laid in a Passo Small Laying Pattern.

Diffusion Lux, Diffusion Chambray and Stucco Flax Laid in a Passo Small Laying Pattern.

DC261 Geo Ecru

DC261 Geo Ecru


Add character to a neutral room

Choosing a statement flooring design that will add interest to an otherwise plain setting is easy, because there aren’t any other colours to work with. Mixing and matching different colours and patterns will create a beautiful floor that is sure to be the talking point of the room.

Colour Edit, part of our premium Signature collection, offers a beautiful array of hues that provide the right balance of subtlety and drama to help you bring eye-catching style and colour to the floor.

Go Classic

Picking products that will stand the test of time should always be a priority, especially when it comes to flooring. Classic designs are timeless and create a refined look that won’t date easily, particularly when combined with the hardwearing properties of LVT.

Décor is our elegant collection inspired by the iconic style of the Victorian era. With a multitude of colourways and patterns to choose from, it will bring a sophisticated touch to both traditional and modern properties.

Tempus Soothe, Stucco Quarts and Stucco Indigo laid in a Aspekt Small Laying Pattern. 

Tempus Soothe, Stucco Quartz and Stucco Indigo laid in a Aspekt Small Laying Pattern. 

DC455 Echo Ink and DC421 The Alder

DC455 Echo Ink and DC421 The Alder


Introduce a striking laying pattern

How you decide to arrange your floor planks or tiles can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the room. Laying patterns have the power to make a space look larger, create a focal point, or showcase colours and patterns at their best.

Our Designers’ Choice collection can help you find a striking combination to create a floor as unique as you are. Our talented design team has experimented with the colours, textures and patterns of our Signature products to deliver a sophisticated collection designed for easy ordering. Simply choose a laying pattern and select your favourite colours to find a look that’s right for you.

Highlight an architectural feature

Flooring should be a key element of your decorative scheme. It can define the layout of a large open-plan space and help to highlight a statement piece of furniture or architectural feature in your home, such as the fireplace or room divides. In this way, using tiles in a contrasting colour or pattern to the rest of the room does all the hard work for you, creating a beautiful focal point that instantly draws the eye in.

There’s no doubt that colour makes an impact, whether used as a standalone shade or a contrasting combination. If you’d like to bring brightness into your home, why not browse our collection and order a brochure? Remember to use our Room Visualiser to create your perfect floor.

Get creative with our Room Visualiser

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