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Three Collections, Endless Possibilities

When it comes to choosing new flooring, making a decision can be difficult. After all, the floor is the foundation of any space, and with all the options available, how are you supposed to know which one is best for your home?

Fawn Oak, FS7W8480 - in Small Parquet Laying Pattern. 

Fawn Oak, FS7W8480 - in Small Parquet Laying Pattern. 

Our LVT is a great solution for any room of the house. Durable, hardwearing, water and scratch-resistant, it is able to withstand the demands of everyday life whilst also providing a beautiful style statement with its organic colourways and realistic textures. Keep reading to find out what makes our collections so unique.

Spacia: Effortless Elegance

Beautifully simple, Spacia is a modern collection of wood, stone and abstract floors available in over 100 colourways. Streamlined to provide versatile options for every space, Spacia is hard-working, practical and tough. Simply choose a colour, size and laying pattern, and look forward to years of beautiful flooring thanks to its 25-year warranty for peace of mind. From rustic woods and elegant parquet to timeless stones and contemporary abstracts, simplicity is key with Spacia.

Royal Oak in a small parquet laying pattern.

Royal Oak, SS5W2530 - in Small Parquet Laying Pattern. 

Royal Oak, SS5W2530 - in small parquet laying pattern. 

Royal Oak, SS5W2530 - from Amtico's Spacia Collection. 

Form: Natural Appeal

Charming and timeless, Form has been developed to recreate the beauty of natural stone and wood through a considered combination of balanced, natural colours and realistic textures giving it an authentic and distressed appearance. With hand-crafted grooves, embossed textures, raised grain effects and sleek tonal shifts, Form features 83 woods and 17 stones with a tough 0.7mm wear layer providing long-lasting practicality. Created with antimicrobial technology protecting against harmful bacteria, it also comes with a 30-year warranty. Available in a variety of laying patterns, from the sophisticated Basket Weave to the modern Hex, Form is the perfect collection for those wanting to blend natural appeal and hardwearing durability. 

Gotland Oak in Basket Weave Laying Pattern.

Gotland Oak, FS7W8470 - from Amtico's Form Collection. 

Gotland Oak, FS7W8470 - in a Basket Weave Laying Pattern. 

Gotland Oak, FS7W8470 - in a Basket Weave Laying Pattern. 

Signature: Infinite Possibilities

Bring personality to the floor with Signature. With each element hand-crafted from a wood, stone or abstract design, Signature offers a stunning colour palette that will be perfectly showcased thanks to a curated selection of classic and creative laying patterns. Choose a pattern and experiment with different colour combinations, stripping, motifs and borders, or browse the pre-designed options developed by our in-house designers to find a floor that is unique to you. With 218 products, 19 original laying patterns and planks and tiles available respectively in 5 and 6 sizes, you can let creativity flow with Signature. Offering the reassurance of a lifetime warranty, Signature will reflect your home’s character at its best. 

Orion, DC375 - in Aspekt Small Laying Pattern. 

The Orion, DC375 - in Aspekt Small Laying Pattern. 

The Orion, DC375 - from Amtico's Designers' Choice Collection.

The Orion, DC375 - from the Designers' Choice Collection. 

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