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Bold & Moody: Explore Dark Hues with Amtico

Moody and dramatic interiors, balanced with the right amount of natural light and soft furnishings, can not only create a chic and sophisticated scheme but it can also make a space feel bigger thanks to its tonal depth.

A mood board displaying dark and moody tones of woods, stones and ceramic-inspired tiles. 

A mood board displaying dark and moody tones of woods, stones and ceramic-inspired tiles. 

If you are hesitant to opt for a bolder flooring for fear of not knowing how to style it, let us help inspire you to go a shade darker.

Take Ink Wash Wood from our Signature collection. Rich ink and deep indigo tones dash through a delicate oak grain to build shimmering movement and a contemporary treated finish.

Ink Wash Wood
Amtico Signature|AR0W8230
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Contemporary finish with Ink Wash Wood.

Ink Wash Wood, AR0W8230 - in a Large Parquet laying pattern. 

Contemporary finish with Ink Wash Wood.

Ink Wash Wood, AR0W8230 - from the Amtico Signature collection. 

Embrace its moody aesthetic by pairing tiles with darker walls, either a deep navy, forest green or black to create a truly striking scheme. To avoid the space becoming overly intimidating or oppressive, balance it with soft accessories and an abundance of layered texture. Colourful books, throws and statement artwork will help. Complement the deep tones of the flooring and walls with wooden furniture that is a few shades lighter such as a hickory or oak.

Don’t be afraid to play around with laying patterns with dark flooring either. Here, the large parquet pattern is a great option for those looking to style a bigger room.

Dark and muted Cedar

Cinder, FS7S4400 - laid in Pavestone, from the Amtico Form collection. 

For a dark but more muted alternative, opt for Cinder from our Form collection. An elegant design that will add character and definition to any space.

This naturally dramatic floor, featuring ashy tones, works beautifully when matched with lighter walls and natural furniture. By introducing a lighter colour palette such as off-white, grey or taupe, you can instantly brighten and open-up the room to balance the darker base.  For any of our floors, when styling, we always recommend picking out key undertones within the flooring – here crockery, vases and even chair legs that share similarly dark grey hues complete the scheme.

To brighten the space even further, why not pair the Pavestone laying pattern with a complimentary stripping to create a crisp grout effect.

Amtico Form|FS7S4400
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Bister oak - rich wood-effect LVT

Bister Oak, FS7W8490 - laid in Stripwood, from the Amtico Form collection. 

For a more natural feel, look to Bister Oak from our Form collection, perfect for adding harmony and warmth to your home. This rich, deep coloured wood-effect LVT instantly creates a rustic décor feel. With all of our wooden LVT designs, we recommend styling the room with complementary woods. For Bister Oak, pair with heavily grained furniture and soft textured furnishings to create a truly welcoming and zen interior.

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