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Preparing your home for Autumn with Amtico

Autumn, a season for muddy boots, windy walks and hunkering down against the elements. As the change of season comes ever closer, it’s important to ensure your Amtico floor is ready to take on the challenges and is regularly maintained to ensure it stays looking pristine for longer.

Hallway features Designers' Choice Almond.

Almond, DC343 - from the Designers' Choice collection. 

Whilst our LVT is low maintenance, a little bit of upkeep is required. With our range of cleaning and maintenance products that help floors stay beautiful with minimal fuss, we have you covered.

As the tougher elements come our way, there are several things we recommend to help get your home Autumn ready.


Make use of our Floorcare Starter Kit, a one-stop shop for maintaining your Amtico tiles. Available from your nearest retailer, it contains all you need to enjoy years of style beneath your feet. In the kit are four key products – the Maintainer, Spillage Remover, Cleaning Pads and Felt pads for all your flooring needs.

Download our full Wear and Care Guide for the best results: 


Plan a periodical deep clean of your LVT Flooring, using Amtico Stripper Solution. This acts as a protective layer, putting your flooring in the best position to withstand the harsher, tougher conditions Autumn brings.

Invest in a hard-wearing indoor mat to help prevent unwanted grime being walked into your flooring. Made in Britain from 100% recycled materials, Amtico washable cotton mats help remove grit and dirt from shoes or muddy paws and can absorb up to 3 times their weight in water. After all, offence is the best form of defence! Check out the different designs available or visit your local retailer to see the full collection.

Why not also look to introduce warm throws and soft furnishings to set your flooring off beautifully? Snuggle up in comfort with thick knitted blankets and soft rugs that contrast beautifully with any of our wood or stone tiles. Those finishing touches will transform your home from a summer haven to a winter retreat.

So, whether you are looking for peace of mind after the installation of your new Amtico flooring or to give your flooring a new lease of life for seasonal entertaining, our range of low-maintenance, high-quality products are all you need. Get on top of Autumn this year with Amtico.

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