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Introducing Spacia Woods

Warm and welcoming Spacia Wood flooring. From rough and reclaimed, to cool and delicate, there is a new Spacia Wood to suit your home. 

Modern classics

Warm to a More Natural Look

Spacia Wood LVT is a practical alternative to the real thing. It works perfectly with underfloor heating and is really easy to clean and maintain, with no sanding or stripping required. 

Ways with Wood

Bring the timeless quality of Spacia's new oaks to you home. Explore the new additions below.

Spacia Salvaged Timber
Spacia Salvaged Timber

Salvaged Timber

Reclaimed Beauty

Salvaged Timber answers the trend for bold, rustic and reclaimed wooden floors. This product has huge variation in tone and texture across the planks, demonstrated in the plank images below. It comes in two colourways; Washed Salvaged Timber, a versatile blend of warm hues, and Urban Salvaged Timber, a modern, cool grey. 

SS5W3323 Urban Salvaged Timber 

The five planks above are all Urban Salvaged Timber (SS5W3323) demonstrating the variation across the product.

SS5W3323 -Urban Salvaged Timber

The five planks above are all Urban Salvaged Timber (SS5W3323) demonstrating the variation across the product.

Patterns with Salvaged Timber

Both Urban and Washed Salvaged Timber are available in three laying patterns - Stripwood, Large Parquet and Boardwalk.

Order Salvaged Timber Samples

Ordering samples is the best way to appreciate the variety in Salvaged Timber. When you order a sample, you will receive a set of three to illustrate the wide variation in tones and textures. 

Spacia Heritage Oaks
Spacia Heritage Oaks

Heritage Oaks

Impressive Simplicity

Amtico's four new Heritage Oak colourways are highly authentic in both colour and texture and beautifully capture the quality of naturally aged wood. From the neutral tones of Granary Oak to the dramatic Forge Oak, there is a Heritage Oak to suit your home.

 SS5W3316 Carriage Oak

Feels like it's always been there

Spacia's Heritage Oaks are a realistic representation of rustic, aged timber flooring with their unique saw mark details that capture qualities of naturally aged oak. In one large plank size, Heritage Oaks bring natural movement to a space, creating an authentic floor with a real sense of character.

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Spacia's Limed Oaks
Spacia's Limed Oaks

Gently Limed Oaks

Keep it Delicately Stylish

Subtle undertones and a delicate oak grain work together to create four beautiful, limed oaks that tap into Scandi trends.

SS5W3310 Iced Oak Large Parquet

Soften the edges

The contemporary, soft hues of these Limed Oaks bring freshness and gentle movement to any floor, and are perfectly enhanced by a parquet laying pattern.

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