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Using LVT to transform your space 


Flooring is an important part of any space. Discover how Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) can make your space inviting and attractive by offering a unique and huge variety of beautiful design flooring options.

Select your space

LVT, is one of the most flexible and attractive flooring options on the market. LVT is available in a wide range of options perfectly suited to any commercial or residential project as it offers many benefits over natural or more traditional flooring materials. Tough enough to withstand busy traffic areas, it's also resistant to scratches, dents and stains yet flexible enough to be comfortable underfoot and prevent cracking or chipping, it’s a very practical choice. LVT comes in a vast choice of colours, options and finishes that resemble natural wood, stone and ceramic designs.

Luxurious choice and variety

As well as providing a variety of looks to suit a wide range of decor tastes, luxury vinyl tiles provide unmatched durability. As such, they are particularly suitable for high traffic spaces such as commercial businesses or properties that are open to the public - but equally work exceptionally well in the home. Amtico’s luxury vinyl tile flooring options provide the kind of durability needed to maintain well-manicured floors, without sacrificing the desired premium look.

Durable and attractive

Homeowners, interior designers, architects and property developers are inspired by how durable and stunning Amtico luxury vinyl tile flooring is. The range of products and collections on offer means Amtico can provide flooring solutions for almost any project.

Amtico luxury vinyl tile is suited to the following commercial sectors:

• Retail
• Home
• Office spaces
• Healthcare
• Universities / Schools
• Hospitality and Leisure
• Entertainment centres
• Fitness clubs
• Community centres
• Transport
• Industrial factories

LVT is able to replicate the natural materials of the woods and stones, whilst providing superior durability and product choice. Luxury vinyl tile no longer has to be thought of as the thin, unattractive flooring cover used in the rooms not visited by the public. Now, LVT flooring can give you the luxurious look and feel you want for the best rooms of your home or project. Forget the laundry room – instead, luxury vinyl tiles make for fantastic flooring options in kitchens, bathrooms, living, dining, and family or play rooms, foyer areas, office spaces and hotels.

After installation, Amtico vinyl luxury floors very easy to maintain, keeping your home or commercial space looking clean and beautiful - should you adhere to the maintenance guidelines. Investing in the lasting comfort, beauty and unmatched performance that you get from high-end, high-quality flooring is one of the best and most cost-effective things you can do to improve the living spaces in your home or commercial space. Experience functionality and design with Amtico’s luxury vinyl tile collections.

Manufactured choices

LVT is manufactured flooring and not a natural material like stone or wood. As such, the range of choice include many products inspired by natural materials, as well as other design options that go beyond what is organically found in nature – including geometric, graphic, floor patterns, and other decorative designs. These types of designs are found within our Abstract palettes. At Amtico, we travel the globe for inspiration and to stay ahead of the latest design / industry trends, and manufacturing techniques. That’s why we can create truly groundbreaking and innovative floors, unlike any other in the industry. Amtico value the creation of beautiful designs that enable the customer to explore and combine in infinite ways - producing breathtaking and unique spaces. As Amtico create, design and manufacture in the UK, it means we can create designs and palettes alongside our production and technical teams to produce beautiful, functional floor, with the added assurance and confidence of market leading performance. Amtico LVT gives you the freedom to experiment and make spaces totally unique, with a varied and inspirational range of designs.

You still get the durability and ease-of-care that you have come to expect with LVT flooring, however, these options allow homeowners, interior designers, architects and developers to get the unusual, bold patterns that would have been inaccessible otherwise. In the end, they make for both great flooring and a great statement and conversation pieces all in one. Manufactured decorated pieces of luxury vinyl tile will help to give your room that extra pop of design inspiration.

How to navigate your range of choices

When you’re trying to decide which LVT flooring design and look will suit your preferred tastes, as well as the overall style of your home, there are plenty of options to consider. Amtico offer a host of different colours, designs, patterns, laying patterns, motifs, borders, collections, as well as many more options to choose from. It is true that having a lot of choices on hand for your LVT flooring can be overwhelming, but our experts are always on-hand to guide you to ensure you select the product or collection most suited to your need and project, whether that is Commercially led, or Residential.

In cases where there is a large number of choices, it is always best to break the available options down into smaller, more digestible groups – making it much easier to sift through and decipher which product or collection is best. Perhaps the best way to approach your flooring options is to group them by the function and design of the room (or rooms) they are being installed in, or even the design preferences for the same. In this regard, it is important to consider whether they are being installed outdoor or indoors, in Commercial or Residential properties.

Colours and design

To create a stunning and practical space, choose products or select collections that complement the rest of the area. We have a wide range of collections that can work for any sector or suit any requirement. From our premium range of Amtico Signature, being perfect for high-traffic, luxury spaces, or to Amtico Marine, specifically designed and created for Marine vessel usage. Browse our collections, which include:

For more information please visit our collections:

We offer a wide range of beautiful floor products including all colours, plank sizes, design types including Wood, Stone and Abstract. If you’re unsure about your colour scheme or what collection is most suited to your needs, our trusted experts can help you find your perfect product.

Choosing the right LVT for your project

Luxury vinyl tiles can be installed into the interior and exterior of Commercial and Residential properties. The kind of LVT flooring that will be installed into any given space will be determined largely by the function and style of the space. While some people may opt to use the same flooring throughout an entire office space, for example, different rooms within the same property may generally be better served with some luxury vinyl flooring options versus others - i.e the foyer area may contain Amtico Entryway for high-traffic, functional areas. Amtico Signature could be used in a board room to create a bold statement with a beautiful, innovative flooring design.

Textures, grain, and colours: even more variety to choose from

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is available in a wide number of colours, stains, grains, block colours, Abstract patterns, and textures. Each option is designed to give the room a specific look and feel. Some vinyl tile options are made to resemble materials like Stone and Woods, and therefore there are different grains and colours available – just as there would be if you were choosing between different Stone options. The same goes for vinyl tiles made to resemble Woods. In this case, different stains are available.

As mentioned before, there are also luxury vinyl tile options that are not designed to resemble any of the natural materials like stone, hardwood, or ceramics. In these cases, you can choose patterns you would like or even mix and match available pieces to create something completely unique and bespoke for you and your project. These options make for bolder floor designs that will continue to become more popular as luxury vinyl tiles grow in popularity.

Luxury vinyl tile design trends that could work in your home

There are a lot of LVT flooring design options to choose from within the different available design types of Wood, Stone, and Abstract. As a result, you can use luxury vinyl tile to create or complete just about any look. Whether your style is rustic, minimalist, contemporary or otherwise, there is an option for you. You can even opt to get creative and mix and match a host of different luxury vinyl planks or tiles to suit your living space and home.

Using the option to mix and match will allow you to create a truly unique and personalised look. You can use luxury vinyl flooring to create a look that is as personal as your home and transform your floors into custom statement pieces. To achieve such a look, you can choose to lay about three or four kinds of Wood option luxury vinyl tile, in a sequence of your choice. By laying them in a seemingly random yet systematic order, you get to feature each piece at different points of the flooring. Each part of the whole will be completely noticeable without taking away or distracting from the total look.

When the LVT flooring planks are chosen carefully, they usually come together to create a truly exclusive, rare and eye-catching space. All Amtico Signature products can be used to create distinctive spaces. Using the Amtico Designers’ Choice collection Amtico gives the customer the ability to choose predefined product combinations in 14 exciting and industry leading laying patterns. Amtico also offer ‘Endless Possibilities’, allowing customers to take the 14 laying patterns but select their own unique product combinations. For more information please visit our laying patterns section:

Luxury vinyl floors can be further decorated using borders, motifs or stripping designed to match existing luxury vinyl tile collections. Textures range from smooth and marble-like to distressed wooden planks and whitewashed wood to rougher slates – all available in LVT flooring options. You can create virtually any look that you or your designer can dream up. Best of all, you can create delicate looks knowing that your luxury vinyl floors are durable enough to last for any sector or room.

Quick tips for getting your luxury vinyl tile floor selected and installed

As amazing as the benefits of having high-end LVT flooring like Amtico Signature, Amtico Spacia or Amtico First may be, if the product is not properly installed by a professional then things can go seriously wrong. For starters, if your floor is not properly installed the first time around, chances are they will not last very long and will need to be redone and can actually damage the product itself. This can end up costing far more than originally planned for. To avoid these issues, ensure that you do the following:

Before purchasing any product or collection it is important to be aware of the intended use of the product. Once the product has been delivered ensure it is exactly what was ordered, if there are concerns or issue then please contact your chosen sales representative for advice. The job site, or location the flooring is to be installed should be checked prior to any installation, and thoroughly cleaned of debris. Please follow our installation procedures relevant to the product or collection you are to install.

While it is tempting to opt for personal installation, the truth is, floor installation requires technical proficiency and expertise. The luxurious and high-end finish is not found merely in the quality of the tile you choose, but also the experience of the installation expert. There are cutting techniques, edgings, expansion gaps, the correct tools, and acclimatisation and installation times to consider. If you’re going to buy the best LVT flooring available, it makes sense to ensure it’s being installed perfectly.

Get design tips and other help from our professional experts by visiting and find one of our recommended local suppliers who we have hand picked and trained to understand our Amtico collections.

Our selected retailers will be able to offer expert advice about which of our luxury vinyl tile collections will suit your project. You can use their expertise to bring your ideas to life visualising how the products will work within your space, and then taking you through the order and installation process.

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Our customer care team are also always on hand to reassure clients to offer expert advice on any project. Through our extensive list of regional based sale representatives we can provide industry-leading guidance on your needs and requirements.