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Clever tile combinations make this pattern intriguing and interesting.

The Nuance


Mirabelle Bleu - AR0SMB34

Stria Basalt - AR0SMS43

Soft blue-grey tones dance across the different size tiles for a fresh, bright feel.

The Illusion


Umbra Dusk - AR0AUA24

Umbra Veil - AR0AUA13

Layers of pattern spring to life with movement thanks to Umbra’s sweeping flow and curves.

The Daydream


Riverstone Tundra - AR0SRS40

Honed Limestone Natural - AR0SLH11

Cool, natural and cream stone with a rippled effect creates a delicate and dreamy floor.

The Delicate


Lulworth Stone - AR0SST41

The dappled, creamy grey with darker flecks running through has an authentic and rustic feel.

The Marbled


Basilica Shell - AR0SBS41

Serene and opulent, this versatile and beautiful stone cleverly combines smooth and speckled features and is given clear definition by the use of a darker strip.

The Mist


Welsh Slate - AR0SSL21

Rough in texture, yet charming in nature, deep slate grey swirls in multiple directions across this striking floor.

The Sparkle


Fragment Abyss - AR0SFR22

Inky black tones are illuminated with silvery specks to add an extra dimension to this intense and daring design.

The Fusion


Kura Anise - AR0SKU39

Soft amethyst and grey tones and deep textures produce a modern and characterful finish.

The Halcyon


Stria Sediment - AR0SMS14

The soft, crumbled texture of this pale stone appears effortless and natural.

The Depths


Stria Volcanic - AR0SMS42

Charcoal shades run through this deeply dramatic stone for a sleek and sophisticated finish.

The Enlightened


Limestone - AR0SLK14

With its blushing simplicity and beautiful brightness, this is a striking floor for a contemporary space.

The Abyss


Cadence Montis - AR0SPB22

Deep greys and patterns sweep across this design giving it elegance and definition.

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