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Plank Weave

The clever way that the long planks are interrupted by shorter planks make this a bold and captivating weave.

This is an ideal pattern for large, open spaces and has the flexibility and versatility to work well with Wood, Stone or Abstract products.

The Taverna


Worn Oak - AR0W7390

This rustic oak grain carries intriguing depth and detail that acts as a perfect contrast to the soft weave.

The Gallery


Parisian Pine - AR0W7860

Subtle weathered bands in a spectrum of colour move effortlessly across the pattern for an intriguing finish.

The Whisper


Kura Caraway - AR0SKU38

Shore Oak - AR0W8180

Steely rows of striking metallic stone are suddenly disturbed by the cool, grey grain of wood.

The Pastoral


Farmhouse Oak - AR0W7630

With its timeworn appearance and golden tones this is a charming wood suited to modern or classic spaces.

The Antique


Aged Oak - AR0W7710

This worn, rustic oak sits comfortably in the large planks for a distressed and charming finish.

The Flaxen


French Oak - AR0W7830

The golden tones of this simple grain appear warm, welcoming and inviting.

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