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Vinyl flooring: A perfect solution


Explore the possibilities of vinyl flooring as a durable, stylish and budget-friendly option for your home suitable for virtually any room or space especially busy areas such as hallways, living rooms and kitchens. 

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While vinyl has been around for quite some time, it is only in the past decade or so that it has truly come into its own as a design choice both for for homeowners and commercial businesses.

In comparison to nautural wood, stone and ceramic flooring it offers an outstanding solution for all spaces in commercial and residential projects. Vinyl flooring is modern, stylish and beautiful flooring alternative, with the added benefits of being adaptable, durable, easy to fit and to maintain.

Amtico have been pioneering in introducing an outstanding range of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) to homeowners and commercial businesses. As one of the leading and renowned specialists in delivering flooring in Europe, we have a global reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of modern flooring design.

From our base in Coventry, UK, our talented designers, innovative manufacturing processes and precise craftsmanship are at the very heart of what we do. With a long history of creating functional yet beautiful, long-lasting flooring, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in your home.

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Amtico offers a broad range of market-leading, high-quality vinyl flooring products. Our collections are diverse and beautiful, with a full range of options to best suit design and application.


Designing the space you want with vinyl flooring

Selecting your ideal flooring is about both design and practicality. It is the base on which everything else sits yet is incredibly easy to get wrong. The look you want to achieve with your flooring should be timeless and classic, yet some of the most timeless options are not always affordable for many homeowners.

Luxury vinyl tile is highly adaptable with a range of finishes including replicating natural wood and stone effect as well as more modern designs. Vinyl flooring offers the opportunity to be highly creative with your space, and Amtico’s collections provide a fantastic range of design possibilities.

Strength as well as beauty

The flooring you choose needs to stand up to daily use, especially in busy spaces. While options like wood and stone are certainly strong, they also have challenges. They can be cost prohibitive to implement, but equally are a major job to implement and can be challenging to match and retain a consistent pattern throughout a space. Stone and wood can also require more maintenance and are difficult to replace if they become damaged, chipped or stained.

Amtico vinyl flooring has a level of quality that is unmatched. Our luxury vinyl flooring is durable enough to stand up to wear and tear, yet it easier to install and provides more diversity of design and style. As well as the great design possibilities, vinyl flooring is easier to clean than traditional wood, less prone to shattering than tile, and can bring you a certain peace of mind that is hard to find with any other flooring material. Vinyl flooring is perhaps the perfect mix of functional utility, and design when it comes to flooring.

Amtico collections; an outstanding range to choose from

Amtico offers a unique range of high-quality collections which many are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Amtico Signature is our premium collection of design-led flooring which offers an inspirational range of designs to choose from and laying patterns to create your own unique flooring solution.

Our Spacia collection focuses on skilled craftsmanship to provide an accessible collection of hard-wearing vinyl flooring. With this collection, we make it possible to afford a practical, stylish floor that stands the test of time.

Amtico Click is so named because it simply clicks into place making it an easy to fit option. It is durable without the need for adhesive.

We work with a hand-picked selection of retailers across the UK and Ireland. We have selected our local specialists because they are known for their skills and experience and can help you select the right Amtico floor for your home, guiding you through design options, installation and maintenance.

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Our range of modern luxury vinyl flooring designs replicate the look of wood, stone and abstract designs and are virtually indistinguishable from natural flooring. Some luxury vinyl tiles even look better than the original materials, given that they're far less likely to crack or succumb to the pressures of moisture. Vinyl floor looks fantastic and homeowners, designers and architects are often surprised by the sheer quality of the material when they finally see it in place. 

A way to achieve the finish you want

Vinyl perfectly conforms to the look that you might expect from some much more expensive materials, yet it is simpler and faster to install. It is a strong choice that can replace ceramic tile or wood in even the most modern and cutting edge of spaces. When selecting a vinyl floor, you find all of the benefits of a more luxurious material, and a much greater choice of styles, without some of the negatives of choosing a natural material.

A unique material

Vinyl is more than just a replacement for wood or stone. It is a unique material that can be used by designers to bring their projects to life. A vinyl material is useful because it can mimic both natural and synthetic materials, giving scope to ideas that might otherwise be impossible due to the nature of the original materials. Using vinyl allows a designer greater freedom to be highly creative which is reflected in the diversity and innovation of Amtico’s collections. Vinyl floor can transform any space and Amtico’s specialist retailers can help advise you on which of our collections and designs will best complement your space.

If you would like us to help you on your flooring journey, then visit one of our Amtico First exclusive retail partners who offer the fullest choice of our flooring. Amtico First partners can help you plan your new room with a full room design and a visualisation. Your nearest Amtico First partners can be found at

Practical and problem solving

Using vinyl enables a designer to forget their preconceived ideas. While problems like moisture can still pose issues for vinyl, they are not quite as limiting as other materials. This means that vinyl can be used more easily in places where woods might not function, enabling the designer to bring a certain look to life, without concerns about it being too impractical. While there are some limitations to vinyl, they are so minimal that most designers can fit it into any plans.

A versatile flooring solution

Because of the nature of vinyl, it can be used in novel ways that can not be replicated by more traditional materials. Vinyl is primarily an indoor flooring material, but that does not mean it can not replicate the look of some materials that are more often used outdoors. Likewise, vinyl can be used to replicate looks that are often more suited for a dining area or living areas in the kitchen or bathroom, allowing a designer to create a unique and beautiful look for a home. Since vinyl does not have nearly as many limitations as other materials, it makes for an ideal choice when a designer wants to do something that fits their clientsspecific needs.

Efficient installation

Vinyl can also be installed very quickly. Because there is not quite as much hard labour involved with vinyl installation as one would expect with wood or tile, it is a more economical choice. While vinyl is certainly meant to stand the test of time, that does not mean that it can not be replaced and played with a bit more than some other materials. Just knowing that you can remove vinyl without having to undertake costly demolition is often a good reason to use it instead of other traditional materials.

Bringing your vision to life

Vinyl is the perfect flooring material for any designer with a vision. Whether they want to use the material in place of more traditional options, or needs something that will fit the mould of a particular idea, vinyl will work. While you can often use the traditional materials in these circumstances, the adaptability of vinyl simply makes it the superior choice. With vinyl flooring, a designer can create something that is truly unique and never worry about how the material will stand up to use.

A marriage of form and function

When form and function merge, something spectacular happens. Often, builders are required to sacrifice one for the other. When using vinyl, you can expect to get the best of all worlds. Vinyl is a useful and practical way to increase your homes, or project’s, value and make it infinitely more liveable for years after its installation.

Vinyl is, more than anything, an easy material to use. It serves its function well, and does so with relatively little maintenance required. Vinyl does not have to be cleaned with the same care as wood, nor does it require the polishing that tile often requires to look its best. It does not damage or chip as easily when something is dropped on it, and resists the sort of foot traffic that can wear away at other materials over time. Vinyl floor is the material that designers, architects and residential builders recommend when they want something that looks great but that can also stand up to daily use.

Designed to suit your home

Vinyl can also complement the other design decisions in your home. If there are large windows, for example, you can still use wood-look vinyl without worrying about it fading in the same way that the other material might. If there is a particular colour scheme, the  designer or builder can choose a vinyl solution that complements it, even if that particular variation does not exist in nature. Simply put, vinyl is a flooring solution that can be bent to almost any use, yet still does its job extremely well.

Fashionable and timeless

Perhaps the best reason to look at vinyl is because it manages to marry two diametrically opposed concepts with relative ease. Vinyl is certainly a trendy material today, but its use doesnt automatically date a home. In fact, vinyl's look is relatively timeless. Should you use the right flooring, it's relatively difficult to tell the age of manufacture. This helps to keep a home's look from being automatically dated by the floor, while still allowing homeowners the luxury of having a flooring material that is both useful and current in trends.

A permanent trend

Vinyl's ease of use has made it incredibly fashionable for both the DIY and home design sets but the very nature of the trend seems to be one that's giving way to permanence. Now, there's an understanding that vinyl is a fine substitute and a worthy flooring material in its own right. It is a sign that the home owner cares enough about looks to use the right flooring, yet is frugal enough to avoid an unnecessary expense. It's rare that anyone would look at vinyl and see anything other than a solid flooring material that will stand up to wear and tear.

At the same time, it's rare that one can take a quick glance at a home and even tell that vinyl flooring has been used. Vinyl has come an incredibly long way in the last decade, and is now virtually indistinguishable from the flooring that it was once meant to inexpensively copy. Because of the high quality of the substance, vinyl now looks more like a hard wood and  fits into the same basic design scheme. In most cases, a casual observer will simply think that the homeowner or designer has spent more than he or she has for the results.

The higher quality of vinyl means that it no longer stands out as a dated material. New vinyl looks like the material it's meant to copy, enabling it to stay in place, even when other updates occursputting it in the rarified company of hard woods or expensive ceramic tiles. Now vinyl can stand up to time's pressure, it has becomes a valuable tool for builders and designers.

Vinyl's place at the juncture of trendy and timeless makes it the best material to use for those who want a home that looks great but won't break a budget. If you're looking to update your home or you simply need to move on to new flooring, vinyl will satisfy all your needs. It's something that won't look tacky in a few years, nor will it be a sign that you were following a trend. Vinyl is flooring that can last through any type of design movement.